Social influence moderation platform, Traackr has announced a new tool for its social media marketing platform: the Influencer Network Analysis (INA) which monitors the social influence journey over social media.

Tracking the Influence of an Influencer

Being able to see common trends and customer behaviour is important for digital marketers, but so is locating which users have an impact on what other users say or post. While there are a variety of tools available such as Klout for Business and PeopleBrowser Kred API, not all tools can measure the reach of this influence or where it came from.

The most recent Traackr marketing platform, released in early March, is designed to track influence and help marketers improve their marketing strategy. With the addition of the INA tool users will not only find the most popular posts and users on a particular site, but see how this content moves through the site in question.

Concretely, Traackr now shows you who influences your influencers and who your influencers are influencing,” said Evy Wilkins, vice president of marketing at Traackr in a blog post. “This has extraordinary implications for marketers creating influencer marketing programs for everything from awareness-raising to lead generation.”

With the INA, users will be able expand their engagement efforts by engaging with key influencers, create better marketing campaigns and expand a brand’s audience by looking at who is being influenced by a particular person and tapping into that market.


Leaders and Followers

While it's key for marketers to engage potential customers through social media, they can't just blindly post a comment or question to see if customers, fans and followers will respond. They have to see what the customer trends are and who made these trends popular, but this isn't always an easy task.

The reason influence is complicated is because it’s not linear,” said Wilkins. “Nor is it hierarchical. In fact, it’s more like a mangrove forest -- an interconnected web of nodes, threads, dead-ends and linkages.”

As was mentioned the Traackr platform can help make this process easier by measuring three key fields: relevance, resonance and reach. In addition to the new INA tool the Traackr platform also provides an “A-List” or the most influential users, profiles of each user, a post stream based on a searched topic and reports which can be narrowed to specific data such as location or keywords.

Other specific features of the Traackr platform include geo-targeted searches, targeted analysis, sentiment analysis, a curated RSS Feed and language search function.