customer experience, Social OnDemand Release Empowers Sales Teams in Social Media ChannelsSocial media marketing campaigns are all about engaging customers in a way that has value. We heard that often last week at the Social Media & Web Analytics Innovation Enterprise in Boston. However, in any marketing circle -- B2B or B2C -- establishing a social presence alone is simply not enough.

Empowering Sales Teams

One organization has announced a solution it says enhances engagement in social media platforms by putting messaging capabilities in the hand of sales teams.

OptifiNow, which specializes in SaaS-based solutions for the Salesforce, has launched Social onDemand, which is designed specifically for use by a sales team and empowers them to acquire leads, nurture prospects and convert customers via social media channels. Combining Social onDemand with the existing OptifiNow platform enables bidirectional, relevant, multichannel, brand-compliant communication throughout the entire sales and marketing funnel.

The new social media management tool for the enterprise is capable of harvesting information from CRM databases to create brand and legal compliant, hyper-local messages. Sales team members can take these messages and post to their personal social media accounts -- delivering the messages with city- and region-specific ties.  

“Sales teams tend to have individual relationships with consumer prospects or leads,” OptifiNow CEO John McGee told CMSWire in a phone interview.

Social Messages Through Sales

Instead of solely relying on a corporate message in social media channels, the release from OptifiNow helps companies engage with fans through social marketing means directly via resources of the sales team.

Sales representatives can post communications from their marketing teams on their individual LinkedIn, Facebook and Twitter accounts with one click from any location, on any device. It is giving sales teams “brand legs” through social capabilities that are simple, cloud-based and avoids convoluted interfaces. 

“It seems marketing teams are the drivers of the social channel right now,” McGee said. “… There are a lot of great things being done, but it’s a struggle unless you’re a brand like Coca-Cola to drive fans and followers and get a social presence going.”  

What’s Working in Social Media Marketing?

For starters, relevant, engaging content drives social media marketing success, something we heard all week at #SMWA. Social sharing buttons and branded social networks also help, but content seems to be king -- video, audio or whitepapers.

Further, simply sharing may not be enough. True interaction, and offering something valuable, are musts. Free giveaways on your page -- like perhaps eBooks, articles, videos, secrets -- work well, as do quizzes.

Social is here to stay. This much we know. But no matter the solution, or who is sending messages to customers on behalf of a brand, today’s social media marketing campaigns come down to a few important questions: Are you engaging your brand with potential and existing customers? Are your efforts producing some tangible ROI? Do your analytics tell you a useful story?