Samsung's Second Galaxy S4 Teaser Hints At Color Choice

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  While the use of a child might suggest it is launching some Nintendo-like product, Samsung is hopefully just trying to channel our inner child with its latest teaser for this week's Galaxy S4 launch event. 

What's in the Box?

After last week's first tease, today we get a hint from Samsung about what color the Samsung Galaxy S4 might come in. Hyping its color isn't really going to help sell devices, so we hope there is something a little more meaty to come in the few days before the big event. That aside, enjoy Jeremy Maxwell's deliberations on what's in the box.  

Samsung has massive momentum that it needs to sustain with the S4 and with Apple being ominously silent, needs to make all the right moves to keep up the pace. There's also the small matter of the return of BlackBerry to America with the Z10 this month and Nokia's improved performance (with Microsoft's latest advert taking on the Galaxy S3, head to head).

Just one slip, and while Samsung won't be in trouble, it could start a small slide in popularity, brand perception and so on that could be damaging over the longer term. 

Learning Opportunities

Pictures Not Included

Out in the wilds of the net, lots of sites are posting pictures of a test version Samsung device, purported to be the S4. However, it does look too similar to the S3 and is unlikely to be a finished product. Even if it is, with Samsung putting the issue of color up so high as a priority, expect some interesting news in terms of customization or cover options when the Unpacked event kicks off. 

That's just a couple of days away in New York, on 14 March. You'll be able to watch it live on YouTube, Just how much more these companies can keep packing into their hardware and how much hype the buying consumer will swallow has to be a genuine concern though. 

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