Shoutlet 6.0 -- Adds Social Contests, Listening and Analytics Tools

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Cloud-based social marketing platform, Shoutlet, has upgraded to version 6.0. With this update, it has added a variety of new tools that are sure to enhance the digital marketing experience.

A Complete Set of Tools

As a social marketing company, Shoutlet provides its clients with the means to monitor social media activity and engage with its customers. Key elements of the Shoutlet platform, which upgraded to version 5.0 less than a year ago include: Social Canvas -- used to help with social media page designs and Social Switchboard -- used for trigger-based campaign publishing. More recently, the company introduced location-based marketing by integrating with FourSquare.

According to CEO Jason Weaver, marketers start off with smaller social interaction techniques -- such as posting information about products to Twitter -- but gradually move onto larger and more focused campaigns. No matter which stage of marketing, Shoutlet wants to make sure that marketers have all of their tools in one place.

"Some of the challenges I've seen out there is that a company has gone out there and pitched all-in-one solutions, but they're not truly integrated," he says. [Shoutlet] is truly integrated, all-in-one, working in complete harmony; you'll feel like you're using one product and take advantage of all these things in one suite of tools."

Upgrading the System

With Shoutlet 6.0, the company aims to improve pre-existing tools by making them more efficient and complete in terms of consumer reach, influence and social engagement.

Learning Opportunities

By having that all under one, easy to use product we allow them [marketers] to start off with Shoutlet and grow throughout the organization as, their needs change," says Weaver. 

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An example of the Shoutlet listening feature 

In addition to to an integration with bid management software, Kenshoo Social and the ability to monitor and manage Facebook posts on the Shoutlet platform, Shoulet 6.0 updates also include:

  • Social Ads: With the Social Ads tool, Shoutlet aims to improve the customer-marketer relationship. Users caneasily manage their ad calendar and post information to their social media pages -- such as Facebook. With the integration, Kenshoo Social Marketers are now able to combine information gathered from paid, owned and earned media to see which of their marketing techniques need to be improved.
  • Social Listening: Knowing what customers are saying about a product, the company and the competitionis one of the most important parts of any successful marketing campaign. With the Shoutlet Social listening tool, users are able to monitor these conversations on social media sites -- such as Facebook, Twitter and Reddit, along with news websites and blogs with specific keywords. One of the main additions to this tool is Klout, which tracks influence metrics.
  • Social Contests: A new addition to the Social Canvas tool -- those who use Shoutlet can now create contests and post them not only on social media sites, but other places, such as their company's website.
  • Social Analytics: With the analytics tool, users can integrate the platform with other tools such as Google Analytics and Webtrends to get a complete picture of how well their marketing campaigns are doing.