Instagram's video announcement was the big news this week, but that doesn’t mean there wasn’t anything else social media related to talk about. 

Twubs is Twitter Compliant

You may have noticed that we’ve been using Twubs for our monthly Tweet Jams. This week, the 5-year-old hashtag platform that aggregates tweets, pics and videos into a branded page, debuted a free, Twitter API-compliant chat tool.

The service, reminiscent of Tweetchat (acquired by Internet Media Labs), streams tweets from chats to allow hosts to more effectively moderate conversations. Users can add more than one administrator to a hashtag and feature optional abuse blocking, designed to keep out spam and trolls from entering your chats. Additionally, because Twubs is deployed using the Amazon Web Service cloud, it should be able to handle large traffic spikes Twitter chats can create.

Add More Media to Your Twitter Chat

Speaking of Twitter chats, Nestivity has released Tweetcasts, a new way to present rich media alongside real-time chats on Twitter. With Tweetcasts, users can control the conversation by driving a media presentation to keep the comments on topic and in context. Followers can be guided with on-screen cues and questions including images, video, polls, and live-streaming Google Hangouts.

After the close of a live event, Tweetcasts remain accessible as an ongoing discussion topic within your community and followers can reference content and add new comments.

Seamless, Wider Vines

What better way to distract people from the Instagram announcement than by teasing updates to your micro-blogging video tool. That’s what Vine did. The proposed redesign features Vines that take up the full width of a user's screen rather than existing within individual boxes. Such a change could make video feeds more seamless as it the space between videos would be removed. Instead, the ability to like, comment and share on a particular Vine would be overlaid on the bottom. Vine users would also be able to create more than one video at a time.

Hootsuite + Attensity

Yesterday, Hootsuite announced an integration with Attensity, known for its customer experience management and customer intelligence software. The integration includes automated analysis, a triage of social media messages from customers, and the ability to route messages to the appropriate department within the company. By involving the entire organization in social engagement with customers these new capabilities can help offset the burden on call centers and social media managers.