Topsy's Twitter Index Now Searches Back to First Tweets

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customer experience: Topsy historical tweet index

A look at tweets made by and to CMSWire five years ago.

A new feature from social indexer Topsy is helping Twitter users revisit some of their oldest posts, including those made when the network was first launched.

Here Today, NOT Gone Tomorrow

Social media sites have become important communication and engagement devices, but most of the time what is posted only has a short shelf-life. Older posts are often replaced by more current posts on a person’s profile or newsfeed. For example, a person’s profile page on Twitter only shows a certain amount of tweets and in order to see past tweets a person has to continually scroll the feed or browse through a number of search results (or visit the Library of Congress).

Now, through Topsy, users will not only see their or other users most recent tweets, but also older posts they've made.Anyone who uses Topsy can see these historical tweets, but those who sign up for a trial or Topsy Pro can see more detailed information about their account, such as discover, insight and metrics data.

Topsy Insight Data

Learning Opportunities

This feature joins the platform’s ability to sort tweets by influence, relevance, from newest to oldest and from a specific time frame. Users can also sort tweets by type including those posts that have links, photos and videos attached.

A Noteworthy Addition

While the archive might initially be perceived as a way for a person to look back to see how their tweeting has evolved, beyond that basic function it's also a good marketing tool.Jon Russell notes that marketers will be able to look at historical data on a certain topic or product and apply this information to campaigns and other marketing efforts.

Looking up first tweets is a somewhat trivial, if fun, activity to pass time,” he wrote. “And Topsy’s access to the motherload [of tweets] could yield far greater insight for, say, brands or marketers who are looking to track sentiment or opinion around a topic or product across a sustained period of time.”

Others, such asGreg Sterling said that if this feature proves popular Topsy might be on the acquisition list for Twitter. Chris Crum also said that Twitter is changing and search will be important part of that change.

Twitter may find that search will become more important than ever to its user experience, as it moves toward new ecommerce endeavors,” he wrote.

Topsy in the News

Over the last few months there have few new releases and updates from Topsy. They've included the launch of Topsy Alerts and Reports, a new social data API and an update to the platform's geo-inference model for Twitter.

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