There seems to be no end in sight to Twitter’s shopping frenzy. The latest buy, announced this week, is Lucky Sort, an Oregon-based start-up that initially aimed to provide a tool that makes huge documents easier to analyze and visualize and is now the creator of TopicWatch, a visualization engine for big data sets that can find patterns in live data streams.

Twitter, Lucky Sort

No details of the transaction have been published, but it seems to have been agreed quickly as the only remnants of Lucky Sort on the Web at the moment is a statement pasted at their URL from CEO Noah Pepper. In the statement he confirms that the company has been acquired by Twitter and that some, but not all, of the team will be moving to the San Francisco offices of Twitter.

That aside, there is nothing to indicate where, how and when the integration of its principal product WatchTopic will happen, although the fact that it can analyze live and very large streams of data is explanation enough for Twitters decision to buy.

The statement also says that over the coming months it will be helping customers to “transition off” its system so that “…we can fully focus our future on Twitter…”

It’s not completely clear what that means, but it does seem to suggest that it will be incorporated into Twitter, lock, stock and barrel and that it won’t have an independent existence outside of Twitter. However, that’s only speculation and remains to be seen.

Luck Sort TopicWatch.jpg

Lucky Sort's TopicWatch

Lucky Sort, TopicWatch

There is not a lot of information about Lucky Sort even around the Web. It first really appeared on the radar in 2012 when it raised US$ 500,000 in seed capital through Neu Venture Capital and a number of others and launched TopicWatch earlier this year.

With TopicWatch users can analyze information from all kinds of feeds including social media, RSS feeds or real time commentary and distinguish patterns in what might otherwise be unstructured and indecipherable data streams.

And that’s about all that’s known about this deal so far. However, the potential of TopicWatch in a Twitter environment is huge and we should be seeing some of the results quite soon.

This is only the latest in a number of acquisitions by Twitter as it acquired another data and information management vendor, Ubalo, last week.