Twitter's Self-Service Ad Platform Now Publicly Available in U.S.

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The self-service advertising platform on Twitter has just becomemore inclusive as it's now generally available for U.S. users.

Advertising Options for All

Up until today, the network's self-service advertising platform, which was launched last March for select small businesses, was only accessible through an invitation.

In a post from Twitter’s Senior Director of Product for Revenue Kevin Weil, he said that the company has decided the service is ready for general use.

Over the past year we've listened carefully to feedback from the thousands of businesses and individuals who've had access to the self-serve tool, and made enhancements based on their suggestions, including more targeting and reporting in the UI,” said Weil."It’s because of this feedback that effective today, we’re ending our invite-only period and opening signups for our self-serve ad platform to all users in the U.S."

For those who already have access to the platform, nothing will change. As for new users, in order to access the service they must go to the Twitter for Business page and begin the signup process.


The platform not only allows users to see analytics data, but have access to two key advertising tools: promoted tweets and promoted accounts.

With promoted accounts, Twitter takes note of who is following a business. From there it searches for similar users and recommends that the matched user follow the business in question through the “who to follow section.” As for promoted tweets, Twitter looks at what a user is tweeting and then promotes the best content.

Learning Opportunities

Businesses only pay for this service when a user follows its account based off a recommendation or engages with them through a promoted tweet.

Twitter: All About Advertising

Over the past few years, Twitter ads have become an important tool for businesses looking to utilize the micro-blogging network as an engagement platform. It is also a way for Twitter to generate revenue, which was a concern for many when it was initially launched.

Since Twitter's earliest days, one of the criticisms about the company's business model was that it wasn't built to generate significant revenue...” said Shara Tibken of CNET. “But in recent years, the microblogging service has been bolstering its advertising business, and Twitter is now considered a bona fide advertising platform for a wide variety of companies."

Twitter is now boasting a US$ 1 million revenue from ads.

Since the addition of ads in 2010, the company has been steadily adding new tools. Recent updates include a redesign of the Twitter for Business platform, which includes new resources to help first time marketers understand how the system works and what Twitter can do for their business, a new API, the ability to target potential consumers based on keywords and new usability and mobile features for Twitter Cards.