Still haven't decided what path to take when it comes to your marketing automation platform (MA) and web experience management (WEM)? Watch our Google Hangout where a panel of experts flesh out the pros and cons of WEM/MAP integration or read what our contributors have to say. You'll never look at peanut butter and jelly the same way again.

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Continuing our look into the pros and cons of integrating your marketing automation platform with your web experience management system, first time contributor Frank del Pinto (@fdelpinto) gives five strong arguments for seeking better alignment in his Mind the Gap - Top 5 Reasons to Close the Gap Between Marketing Automation and WEM Systems.

The goal of marketing automation and WEM is to integrate marketing processes that collect data and content from multiple locations toward developing meaningful customer relationships that begin and continue well after the initial sales cycle is complete. Consumers do not want to feel as though they are being marketed at -- they want to feel the content they uncover is part of their organic efforts." 

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Top Social Business Article

From the looks of some recent articles, Social Business has a lot of work ahead for 2013. But the potential benefits will be seen in productivity, employee and customer satisfaction, innovation and increased revenue. Mark Cunningham (@markcunningham) lays out one of the tasks ahead in his 2013: The Year of Social Business Analytics

In our experience, there aren’t many companies that have empirical data on how well social business tools are being adopted internally, what conversations are going on and whether or not these activities are actually helping to achieve business objectives."

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Top Information Management Article

The ability to adapt should start being listed among job requirements. In Mimi Dionne's (@cawprhydMiles Ahead in the Roadmap of an Electronic Records Management Implementation, she looks at the changing roles in records management, and confronts the unwillingness of some to change:

I’ve informally interviewed several members of more than one Records and Information Management-related discipline and their admitted reticence to learn the technical skills needed to implement e-records surprised me. It’s the strangest dichotomy: they acknowledge they don’t have the proper skills, but they don’t want to learn them anyway.

If we ceded the field to Information Technology back in 2005, it’s our own fault." 

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