WebDAM Revamps with New 'Experience,' Featuring Updated Interface

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Digital asset management vendor WebDAM Solutions is going “radical.” That’s the company’s descriptor for its New WebDAM Experience, released this week, which updates collaboration, search and discovery functionality and the overall user experience.

The company said that the subscription-based Experience platform improves productivity, teamwork, brand management and workflows for creative and marketing professionals. 

Collaboration, Brand Management

As content management and marketing automation systems expand their own handling of digital assets, DAM systems are innovating to justify their separate status. Many, such as WebDAM, are also emphasizing their capabilities as a marketing and team tool as much or more than their pure asset management capabilities. WebDAM, for example, is highlighting the new Experience platform's ease of use for collaboration and brand management.

As the world becomes even more mobile, the new WebDAM is designed to offer full functionality from any device. Jody Vandergriff, WebDAM’s President and Co-Founder, said in a statement that the WebDAM Experience offers the ability for marketing teams to “interact, collaborate, produce and distribute” wherever and whenever they prefer.

UX Improvements

WebDAM is emphasizing the ability to work “faster, easier, and smarter than the competition” in its new platform, in large part because of an updated user experience, which the company said continues its mantra of “no training needed.”

Learning Opportunities

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The new release offers drag-and-drop capabilities between folders or assets, and from desktops to the WebDAM web interface. At the asset, folder and lightbox level, there’s real-time commenting and alerts, and digital assets’ information -- including file type, keywords, owner, or taxonomy metadata -- can be revealed via one click. Asset and folder metadata can be edited simply by mousing over an editable metadata field and then typing. Asset views and a new folder tree can be user-configured, including thumbnail sizes and sorting options.

Updated digital assets can be distributed to all Web-based channels via a single click, and a Brand Portal provides access to company logos, images or presentations for a given brand, made available via permission-controlled access.