I’m bored of seeing the same regurgitated articles every week. I’m bored of our disciplines debating if we should be called content strategy, content marketing or inbound marketing. I’m tired of us fighting about how important content strategists are or should be, or need to be. I’m bored because instead of showing me the work, you talk about how you would approach the work, or should approach the work. Why don’t you just show me how you approached it and what you learned?

Maybe the reason we’re all saying the same thing is that there isn’t anything new to say? Could it be that responsive design has solved all of problems? Will wearable technology fail? Can we all go back to arguing about a tray on the side or the bottom? Will our babies start to be born with implantable chips, and then we really won’t have anything new to write about because they’ll all be writing it for us?

Stop Saying Stuff

Have you ever heard of gestalt protocol or gestalt communication? It’s the idea that when you’re talking you should share from your experiences, instead of just telling someone what to do or what you think. Gestalt communication is so powerful because we are primed, as human beings, to learn from narrative. When you tell me a story, you are sharing of yourself, and adding to my knowledge as well.

If you’re also feeling bored, or frustrated, or uninspired by the “thought leadership” you are reading, listening to or watching, then maybe there is a way to change it. One of the ways we can is by sharing with each other in relevant, important ways, like:

Learning Opportunities

  • Show me case studies -- warts and all: Tell me what you learned, what you wish you had done differently. ... Help me make my practice better.
  • Share problems you’re having and need help with:Ask other experts for help. The content strategy Google groups constantly have conversational threads asking for advice and experiences.
  • Offer solutions that have worked for you: I had this business problem with content, and this is how I advised my clients to solve it. Or, I advised them on this, but thinking back on it later, I wish I had said this. Only a person who learns from their mistakes is worth learning from at all.

How about you? Are you bored? Or are you still seeing unicorns and rainbows every time you read a new blog post or article on digital strategy?

Title image by Maxisport / Shutterstock.com