Salesforce unveiled its Social Studio marketing platform inside its ExactTarget Marketing Cloud in May, which brought together $3.4 billion worth of acquisitions in a platform for social content marketing, engagement, publishing and analytics.

The platform gets a boost this month as the San Francisco CRM giant released enhancements to its Social Studio that include the ability to deliver messages to customers across the Salesforce Sales Cloud, Service Cloud and Marketing Cloud from one platform.

Standout in Space?

Using social marketing platforms to respond to tweeting customers is nothing new. The technology shown to CMSWire in a demo did not look groundbreaking or new for this space.

So what's the wow factor here for Salesforce?

2014-24-November-Salesforce Social Studio.png

"Social marketers now has all of their needs in one solution," Gordon Evans, Salesforce vice president of product marketing, told CMSWire. "If they need to be listening through analytics, publishing great content or need to engage on their own channels, this is one tool where they can do all of that and also extend that to other places in the organization that interact with customers. It's not just the social media manager. We're operationalizing social across every touchpoint."

The latest release means the Social Studio platform is now fully integrated into the Salesforce Marketing Cloud.  

Learning Opportunities

Jeff Stevenson, director of social selling at ADP, said his organization uses the Salesforce Social Studio to distribute information to multiple social networks with one consolidated branded voice, listen to key topics across Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn and engage leads with helpful content. 

Key Targets

Salesforce is targeting the "silo" struggles of social marketers. It wants to make social marketing cohesive, officials told CMSWire. Its Social Studio platform does this, they say, with the help of technology acquired in the Radian6 and Buddy Media acquisitions.

Greg Johnson, senior vice president of product management for Salesforce, told CMSWire the tool allows marketers to listen and monitor social channels and push a potential response to a sales and service team.

"The power of this is taking social out of isolated silos," he said. "It's connecting all parts of the business that deal with customers."