It seems like all the conferences in the world took place this week. In case you couldn't be in three places at once, here's our collection of highlights from Oracle, Jive, Adobe and, of course, SharePoint. 

Microsoft SharePoint Conference #SPC11

What Do Security, Sales Guys, Geeks, Web Parts & Comfortable Shoes Have in Common? They All were Found at SharePoint Conference 2011

Susan Yee: The usual view of a conference is to hear about the latest in product development, or the road map of the next technology strategy; so if that’s what you are looking for, it’s not here. The story that gets missed is what happens on the exhibit hall floor and the latest in vendor booth tactics, which I cover in this article. Competition for which booth seems the busiest is fierce as the tactics to attract attendees range from old fashioned in- your-face intrusion to gimmicks that don’t necessarily attract qualified buyers.

Huddle Takes on SharePoint in Anaheim 

Barb Mosher (@barbmosher): Forget about Box's ongoing SharePoint bashing, Huddle stepped it up a notch and did a little cheer — and not for SharePoint — at the SharePoint Conference in Anaheim this past week. Oh yea, and they announced a strong first quarter for 2011.

Enterprise Search & the Cloud: Unifying Information Across SharePoint 2010, Office 365, LOB Systems & More

Jennifer Mason (@jennifermason): Yesterday was the final day of the SharePoint conference. I chose to attend a morning session lead by Jeff Fried, CTO & VP of Engineering at BA Insight and Guy Mounier, Co-Founder & CEO of BA Insight. This session is a vendor-sponsored session, which means that the vendors are free to discuss their specific products and tools. I have worked in the past with previous versions of BA Insight and I was curious to see what they had in mind for working with Office 365.

I have known Jeff for a few years and he is one of those people that I always expect to give a top-notch presentation; I can say that this time was no exception. I appreciated the clarity and information that Jeff and Guy provided around the various search options.

SharePoint 2010: Creating Competitive Advantage using Social Media and Collective Intelligence 

Rich Blank (@pmpinsights): Wednesday I had the opportunity to attend one of the 2011 SharePoint Conference sessions entitled “Creating Competitive Advantage Using Social Media and Collective Intelligence” given by Thomas Krofta, Sr. Director of Avanade. His agenda focused on three main areas:

Social media in the enterprise — why is this important?
Steps to implement social computing — What steps should enterprises take toward social computing today to ensure competitive advantage tomorrow?
Managing change — How can organizations benefit from the change?

InfoPath 2010: Best Practices for Design and Performance

Jennifer Mason (@jennifermason): Yesterday at the SharePoint conference I got to attend a session on best practices for building InfoPath forms (#SPC296). The session was presented by Darvish Shadravan, a Microsoft Senior Technical Specialist. Overall the session was really fast-paced and full of great content. I was actually surprised when the session ended because I had completely lost track of time. For me there were two big takeaways that I got from the session which I will share with you in this article.

Day 4, #spc11: Blackberry Gets SharePoint Client, EntropySoft Upgrades ContentHub

David Roe (@druadh20): It’s the final day of the SharePoint conference in Anaheim, and there are just a few loose ends to tie up before leaving. While there has been a lot to think about over the past four days, there were a few releases that slipped under the radar from EntropySoft, RIM and CommVault, as well as early results of some interesting research from Forrester.

The Ins and Outs of SharePoint 2010 Administration

Christian Buckley (@buckleyplanet): One of the better foundational presentations on what is involved in administering SharePoint (the good and the bad) was conducted by SharePoint MVPs Shane Young and Todd Klindt at the SharePoint Conference this week in Anaheim, CA. While I've seen Shane and Todd present this session (or a variation) several times, their presentations are always worth seeing again. They do an incredible job of keeping people entertained while sharing their extensive experience in supporting, migrating/upgrading, and configuring a SharePoint server.

The Art of SharePoint Success: Governance - What It is & What It Isn't

Symon Garfield (@symon_garfield): This month I am writing from the Microsoft SharePoint Conference in Anaheim where governance is a recurring theme. I’ve only been to a few sessions so far (I am writing on day 1 of the conference), but governance has been mentioned in every session I’ve been to so far. In the keynote, Jeff Teper claimed, “Governance is not an issue… we have lots of customers doing it on a large scale.” Good, so that’s all sorted then!

This is the third in a series of articles discussing my Art of SharePoint Success framework which consists of four key elements: Governance, Strategy, Architecture and Transition. The first article gave a quick start guide to the framework, quickly covering all four elements, and last month we took a look at the reasons why some SharePoint projects fail. Over the next two months we are going to take a look at the most overused (yet still misunderstood) topic in SharePoint: Governance. We are going to start with the basics — what it is and what it isn’t.

OpenText Global 360 SharePoint Survey: 2010 Deployments Increasing, Strategies Lacking

Barb Mosher (@barbmosher): Global 360 has done another SharePoint in the Enterprise survey and the results are on track with what's being said at the SharePoint Conference in Anaheim this week: SharePoint 2010 deployments are increasing.

OpenText is Microsoft's biggest ECM and BPM partner, so it's good for them to keep a close eye on what's happening in the world of SharePoint so they can grow their SharePoint products in line. To help them do that, OpenText Global 360 conducts a semi-annual survey: How are Businesses using Microsoft® SharePoint® in the Enterprise? Fall 2011 Market Survey. The results of the latest one were released at SPC11 today.

Creating a No-Code Visio Services Dashboard Using Office 365

Jennifer Mason (@jennifermason): Yesterday at the SharePoint conference I got to attend a session on using Visio Services to build dashboards in Office 365 (#SPC289). This was one of the seven different sessions that focus on Visio during the SharePoint conference, and it focused on what all you can do with Visio Services out-of-the-box (OOTB) configurations.

When we first started the session, one of the speakers stated that this was a 101 session that was intended to stretch the limits of what you can do out of the box. The session was co-presented by Chris Hopkins and AJ Briant. Chris is a Senior Consultant with the US Services, Premier ISV team at Microsoft, and AJ is a Senior Product Manager for Microsoft Visio. AJ started the session by giving an overview and Chris concluded by doing some demos.

Planning for the Lifecycle of Your SharePoint 2010 Website

Jennifer Mason (@jennifermason): The second session that I attended yesterday at the 2011 SharePoint conference was about managing the lifecycle of your website design (#SPC258). This session focused mostly on public-facing websites but had a lot of great content that was also applicable to Intranet site designs. The session was delivered by PJ Zargarzadeh, who is a TSP for Microsoft in Canada. PJ had a great presentation style that really lent itself well to this type of delivery.

Microsoft's Vision, Strategy for the Future of Business Intelligence

Mike Ferrara (@mikecferrara): The first session of the 2011 SharePoint conference I decided to check out was in regards to Microsoft’s vision for business intelligence (BI). This has been a hot topic for many readers who are interested in moving to SharePoint or are already invested in the platform. The presentation was delivered by Microsoft’s Steve Tullis, Group Program Manager for the Office BI team, and Kamal Hathi, General Manager of the BI Group in Microsoft SQL Server.

Keynote: Never Having to Say 'I Didn't Know SharePoint Could Do That'

Jennifer Mason (@jennifermason): Yesterday was the official kickoff of the 2011 SharePoint conference. The first thing up on the agenda was the keynote.

SharePoint Conference 2011 Releases Focus on Content Migration, Social Media

David Roe (@druadh20): It's SharePoint time again as this year’s conference kicks off in Anheim, Calif., for four days of demonstrations and releases. With a more than a year gone since the release of SharePoint 2010, there are now dozens of releases of products to the market, and many more as this conference will show.

With the doors only opening on the conference, a whole list of products have been announced that might be worth a look if you happen to be there.

Oracle OpenWorld 2011 #OOW11

Oracle Social Network Departs from The Facebook Imperative

Chelsi Nakano (@Chelsi): If you thought Oracle CEO Larry Ellison's announcement of the Oracle Public Cloud and general bashing was as good as it got yesterday, you're in for a surprise. At the end of the keynote he introduced the Oracle Social Network, an unexpected and brand spankin' new platform that's integrated with Fusion applications. And guess what! It looks nothing like Facebook.

Larry Ellison Unveils Oracle Public Cloud, Bashes

Chelsi Nakano (@Chelsi): Oracle's CEO Larry Ellison announced the Oracle Public Cloud today at the OpenWorld conference in San Francisco. Billed as an enterprise cloud for business critical applications, the company's standards-based addition aims to knock other players — both established and hopeful — clear out of the race.

Oracle Enters Business Intelligence Space With Exalytics, Targets SAP, IBM

David Roe (@druadh20): Oracle’s OpenWorld has finally kicked off with the customary keynote from CEO Larry Ellison. Leaving aside the fact that many are saying this was his worst keynote ever, for those in enterprise computing the launch of the Exalytics analytics appliance is the one most will be watching.

No one is really surprised that Oracle would enter the business intelligence fray proper, and release a product that seems to be targeting the traditional stomping grounds of EMC, IBM and SAP’s HANA.

What is of interest here is that this combines Oracle hardware and software to analyze and process data in its dynamic random access memory (DRAM), and at high speeds too.

Adobe Max 2011 #AdobeMax

Adobe Embraces Mobile, Cloud and Touch in One Giant Leap

Josette Rigsby (@techielicous): Streams of announcements are pouring out of the Adobe MAX 2011 conference in Los Angeles, which concludes today. It appears that the company has decided to embrace about every hot technology trend -- mobile, tablets and a touch of the cloud -- simultaneously.

JiveWorld11 #JW11

Jive Brings Game Mechanics to Its Collaboration Offering

Geoff Spick (@goffee71) The JiveWorld 11 Conference brings several new tie-ups. Jive is getting together with Bunchball to add game mechanics to its offering, while Wrike will add its project management tool to Jive's store.