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The work week is over and Saturday is here! Whether you are sitting down with your morning coffee or trying to cool off from a morning run, what better time is there than now to catch up on all the features you may have missed? This week, we kicked off our month long focus on the evolution of SharePoint and the transformation of brands to publishers. We also looked at the whole collaboration picture and talked mobile strategy. So sit back, relax and enjoy our weekend reads.

Top Information Management Article

SharePoint has quickly become the Enterprise CMS of choice amongst enterprises. Still, some wonder whether or not it has the ability to provide all the necessities large enterprises require in the content management solution. The answer is clear -- Yes, SharePoint is Scalable Enough for Large Enterprise ECM -- or so Russ Houberg (@rhouberg) believes. 

Throughout the evolution of these systems, ECM has been a significant driver for technological innovation. That trend continues today as Microsoft SharePoint is quickly becoming the most prolific Enterprise CMS in history."

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Top Social Business Article

The word collaboration often brings technological solutions to mind -- but collaboration is more than that and that's why all businesses need to keep the whole picture in mind when setting course on their journey to collaboration. Christian Buckley (@buckleyplanet) discusses this tactic in his article A Holistic Approach to Successful Collaboration.

Your collaboration strategy is not just a matter of signing up for an online service, such as Box or Yammer, or even deploying a software platform, like SharePoint, no matter how comprehensive the feature set seems. Document collaboration is not the same thing as social collaboration, though both may be part of your overall organizational list of requirements."

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Top Customer Experience Article

There may be no magic potion to provide your company with a mobile strategy that will have the customers flocking, but Dash Lavine shares Four Things to Keep in Mind when Building Your Mobile Strategy that may lead to the mobile customer experience you want to provide.

When considering the current state of the mobile experience, we should first consider how important the experience actually is. Studies say more than 50% of adults now have smartphones in their pockets. For a brand, this means one out of every two customers has the ability to experience and engage through a mobile device. A quality mobile experience leads to return visits, increased brand loyalty and, ultimately, higher conversion rates."

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