Can Conversocial Improve Customer Service Experiences

Can Conversocial Improve Customer Service Experiences?

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Conversocial, a cloud-based provider of social customer service software, is out with a major upgrade.

Called Conversations, it is designed to help companies manage social media comments from contact centers.

Joshua March, founder and CEO, told CMSWire that some companies use traditional ticketing systems, while others employ multi-channel contact center systems that "add social as just another channel" — as if it were email. But those systems, March said, are designed primarily for private, one-to-one inquiries or for marketing and PR-focused social media management.

'Different from Email'

Social media customer service works differently from email, he said, adding that the core difference is visibility.  Conversations can be public, private or both, and they can quickly go viral. As a result, he said, customer contact agents need specific training and tools.


A social conversation in Conversocial

Learning Opportunities

This is a different focus that other contact center vendors, many of whom have emphasized the need to deal with this multichannel universe as an "omnichannel" with consistent customer experience. March claims social is different, and requires a different approach.

The Conversations upgrade is designed to thread together customer interactions from various social media channels in real time to provide a single view, essentially a single conversation, on a given customer service issue. A customer might post complaints on Facebook, Twitter and a forum, but they could all be about one technical issue with one product.

What the Update Includes

The update offers a single combined inbox, real time notifications, a conversation history across social channels and an audit trail of user actions. March also pointed to an "intelligent threading" of conversations between social channels and an "intelligent prioritization of the most pressing service issues." In Conversocial's approach, he said, an agent doesn't need to "raise a ticket for every comment that comes in, but you can set up a customer service ticket if you need it."

Conversocial, founded in 2010, integrates with existing customer service solutions. To date, March said, most of their integrations have been with "semi-customized solutions" that their customer companies have built, but now the company will begin to release integrations for a wider array of packaged solutions.