Sales and marketing teams need to shorten their sales cycles and fill their pipelines, and the GageIn business networking platform has tweaked a few of its core features to help do just that.

Focus on the Fortune 1000

The company is just a few years old, so it's not widely known, but it does offer a way to connect news, social media and prospect contact info into one unified hub. From there, it's meant to be easier to track down and select the best prospects so teams don't have to spend so much time finding qualified leads.

GageIn's core idea is to use an algorithm it created to track the Fortune 1000 companies so many businesses covet, and thereby shorten the amount of time it takes to find the exact person to target. That search power has been updated with what the company calls supercharged machine learning.

That sounds fun and all, but the point is it's supposed to make searching those companies' profiles more productive, and make the results more relevant.

Obviously, because it's a proprietary tool and a privately held company, they aren't going into too much detail, but it seems like the company will keep tweaking that program for optimal results. Additionally, pulling in contact info from places like LinkedIn has been added, and because of previous integrations with Salesforce and Yammer, all that data can be shared to those places as well.

Sales Triggers + Search

Besides its tracking features, GageIn also provides helpful ideas like sales triggers that tell people when their prospects are on the move. Other filters can be applied as well so finding the right prospect can be done more quickly. GageIn has added new company and contact list builders so those filters have more power to find the best prospects.


Think of GageIn like a central hub for hunting down prized prospects.

For searching along geographic lines, GageIn has shortened the country list to just the US and Canada. One caveat here; any searches that people have saved that don't already have a specified country will be impacted by this. GageIn has suggested those searches be noted before the update kicks in because they will affected.

Last summer, GageIn updated its email and homepage navigation features, as well as its News Portal content curation tool. There's a free version of GageIn that allows for tracking five companies and three saved searches with 100 results per search.

There are several other packages available up to US $50 per month for unlimited searches and companies followed. There are also separate pricing levels for the GageIn + Salesforce integrated version, but the prices are only slightly higher.