tibbr Meetings Debuts: Choose from Skype, WebEx or Google Hangouts

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tibbr Meetings Debuts: Choose from Skype, WebEx or Google Hangouts
Enterprise collaboration system tibbr has debuted a feature called Meetings, and it allows people to launch a videoconference using Skype, WebEx or Google Hangouts right from within an activity stream.

Meeting Time (Ugh)

Too often, people do not have a positive reaction to a scheduled meeting. People know it will take a half hour to get set up, and then the meeting will go for five minutes before everyone starts to digress. Even after the meeting, people will want to circle back to rehash what was discussed.

For those organizations that have an activity stream in place, tools like Yammer, Salesforce Chatter, Jive and tibbr, those meetings have become less common because workforces are always connected online. Middleware vendor Tibco, already an enterprise player, has quickly grown its tibbr platform into a segment leader, and this week it has debuted its Meetings videoconference feature.

It allows for videoconference meetings to be launched right from within the stream, Google chat style, but also offers the ability to schedule a meeting with Skype. This is a handy feature because Skype sessions cannot be scheduled inside Skype itself, Sriram Chakravarthy, Tibco VP of engineering pointed out in an interview.

Take Advantage of Existing Technology

Allowing companies to choose the videoconference tool they want to use lets them take advantage of existing infrastructure, Chakravarthy said. That means if those organizations already are using WebEx, they can keep using it within tibbr, and they don't even have to leave the activity stream to set it up.

Additionally, things like inviting attendees and sharing documents before a meeting, and wrapping up afterwards by sharing follow-up actions can be done from within the tibbr interface. Meetings can be scheduled without worrying about the usernames for all participants, for example, Chakravarthy said.

Tibco thinks Meetings is the first of its kind, and it may be right. Google Hangouts can be launched from within a chat or docs session, but they can't be scheduled. Many companies don't want to use an open source system like Google, however, so those companies need another choice. Jive bought Meetings.io in 2012, but the video chat service has yet to be fully integrated into the system. Again, advantage tibbr.

Learning Opportunities

Tibco doesn't make tibbr pricing publicly available, but it has 1.5 million users, including companies like Macy's and Reuters, Chakravarthy said.

TIBCO Buys Up StreamBase for Analytics

In other Tibco news, real time analytics company StreamBase has been acquired to provide added event processing power, Tibco announced. This real time ability will particularly help Tibco in the financial sector, where StreamBase is already in use among some capital markets, Tibco said in a statement.

Tibco obviously has a strong interest in working in the lucrative financial space, and is indeed already active there. StreamBase gives Tibco not only its technology but what Tibco CTO Matt Quinn called the company's domain expertise in video blog on Tibco's website. Tibco is a more diversified company than StreamBase, but StreamBase's success within the financial industry gives it one more tool to solidify its position there.

Let us know in the comments if online meetings have become a popular tool at your company or if you are still shopping around for a social business tool itself.

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