If you don’t remember when CrownPeak (news, site) added their own testing, targeting and measurement tools last November, then don’t worry. They’re adding similar tools -- again -- but this time it’s via integration with Omniture (news, site).


Omniture Test&Target does exactly what it sounds like it does. It continuously tests campaign success and targets segments of customers in order to make the most out of a site’s top performing content. Thanks to Omniture Genesis -- a marketing platform that joins third-party systems with Omniture apps -- the Test&Target feature is now directly integrated into CrownPeak’s content management system.

Here’s how it works: First, content is built within CrownPeak’s SaaS CMS, then deployed and managed by Omniture Test&Target from within the CMS, meaning marketers don’t have to leave their familiar interface to utilize the features for:

  • Improved online customer experience through continuous testing and targeting that can automatically promote top performing content
  • Implementation of integration and ongoing deployment of tests without requiring IT involvement, putting control in the hands of marketers
  • API Integration allows quick live deployment of offers
  • Direct management of any testing scenario via an integrated interface

“As IT dollars become more scarce, many online marketers do not realize the full benefits of their marketing initiatives due to slow project deployment and a lack of access to actionable insights about the relevance of their content,” explained Jim Howard, chief executive officer at CrownPeak. “This integration with Omniture allows marketers to bypass deployment obstacles and easily build and execute tests from one integrated interface."

Testing...1, 2, 3

The added functionality comes as no surprise. In fact, it was predicted. In an October, 2009 report titled The Online Testing Vendor Landscape, Forrester Research referred to online testing as an “underused technology solution.” 

Since then, it looks like the war has officially been waged. Webtrends just announced the addition of advanced targeting to their optimization platform at this year's Engage 2010 conference, which, basically does the same thing as Omniture's Text&Target.

Quantivo heavily focuses on bringing segmentations and behavioral analytics down to a level that anyone can understand in order to enable quick responses from marketers.

Although in a different Web CMS market segment, Day Software also just recently released CQ 5.3 packed with their own segmentation, targeting and personalization capabilities. Other CMS vendors take a bite at this piece of pie, too.

And now, of course, there's CrownPeak's Omniture integration. At this rate, we'll be up to our ears in testing and targeting razzle dazzle by month's end. 

What's is interesting, however, is that CrownPeak has seemingly side-stepped their own solution to pick up Omniiture's doppleganger. We wonder, what does this say about homegrown solutions vs. that of analytic giants? Or, more importantly, how does it speak to the integrated web analytics discussion?

Shaping Up

At the end of 2009, Phil Kemelor of CMS Watch claimed he didn't see much potential for marketers when it came to web content management analytics, but Tomer Tishgarten, vice president of development at the marketing agency Engauge, put it like this:

“For the enterprise market, I see an increasing demand for more powerful data mart capabilities that tie back to analytics packages. [Marketers] are actively seeking a single platform that allows them to aggregate these interactions and combine that data with 3rd party information to form a complete profile of the user so that they strengthen the relationship with the customer.”

Omniture's vice president of business development, John Mellor, seems to agree. “Innovative marketers recognize that customers today need more than just static information," he said. “Integrating Test&Target with CrownPeak through Omniture Genesis enables marketers to create compelling content and seamlessly surface the best content for each visitor. This benefits both the visitor and the marketer, resulting in more conversions.”

Though it's still early, the direction we're moving in this year is pretty obvious. Like Tishgarten said, so much of the new capabilities we're seeing tie back to analytics packages. Continue to listen to the conversation here.