Big G recently tacked on more enterprise goodies to Google Analytics. The seven new additions boost existing capabilities as well as introduce new customization flexibility.

The Magnificent Seven

Expanded and Engagement Goals

Analytics users can track more conversions by creating up to 20 goals per profile. Conversions can be tracked as well as site engagement with URL, average time on site, and pages per visit based goals.

Expanded Mobile Reporting

To help developers, this feature makes it easy to see how people are using specific parts of their iPhone and Android applications. The same Google Analytics reports that provide insights into website traffic and engagement are also available for mobile apps.


Unique Visitors Metric

A user can now Include the Unique Visitors metric in their Custom Report or Advanced Segments to see how many unique cookies there are for a website. Additionally, Unique Visitors can be selected as a metric against any dimensions in Google Analytics.

Advanced Analysis Features

Pivoting, Secondary Dimensions (announced earlier this year), and Advanced Table Filtering all allow a user to get up close and personal with their data:



Share Advanced Segments and Custom Report Templates

Users can share a URL link for an Advanced Segment or Custom Report with anyone who has a Google Analytics account. The pre-formatted template will be automatically imported. 

Multiple Custom Variables

With this feature, define and track visitors according to visitor attributes, session attributes, and page-level attributes. Users can also use custom variables to classify any number of interactions and behaviors. 

Analytics Intelligence with Custom Alerts

This is arguably the coolest new feature. Using an algorithmic driven Intelligence engine, Analytics Intelligence monitors data patterns over daily, weekly and monthly periods. If there is a significant change in data, you won't miss it. Custom Alerts can also be created to monitor your selected dimensions and send notification by e-mail or within Intelligence reports. 





A Comeback?

Early this year we talked about how Yahoo beat Google in the enterprise analytics game, but the last few months have done a number on data optimization. As 2009 winds down, the only thing we're sure of is that we're not sure who will lead us into what looks like a new era of analytics.

Will Google come out on top in 2010? They have a more in-depth summary of the new feature over on their analytics blog here, and also promise to provide more details over the coming weeks. Stick with us and let's see how it goes.