A week of coding, hacking, training and interacting came to a close in San Francisco yesterday as the curtain fell on the fourth annual DeveloperWeek.

More than three dozen exhibitors and thousands of developers, CTOs, job seekers and the like particpated in some 60 week-long events — from the DeveloperWeek 2016 Conference & Expo to the DeveloperWeek Hackathon and Official Hiring Mixer.

The event drew established companies like IBM and Capital One as well as newer firms like Weebly, Hyperwallet and lot of other younger companies, from payment platforms and mobile security to email and health CMS platforms. 

A Sample of What You Missed

DeveloperWeek, by its own admission, "puts the spotlight on new dev technologies." So here is a roundup of some of the tools and technologies:

Learning and Development

CodinGame: Learning to code better can be fun. CodinGame uses puzzles, contests and other games to help developers improve their skills. Their platform boasts 339,781 developers, so businesses can also use CodinGame for Work to recruit the best talent and facilitate team-building through skill assessments, events and hackathons. The French startup has plans to relocate to San Francisco.

Coursera: The online learning platform partners with organizations and universities to offer courses on classification, regression, deep learning and more. Right now, five courses and a capstone project certifies students in the machine learning program. The course is taught by Carlos Guestrin, CEO of Dato, and Emily Fox, Amazon professor of machine learning at University of Washington.

Learning Opportunities


Applause: The app quality company tests apps and provides analysis for clients like Facebook, Snapchat and HBO. It also provides payment validation to help optimize the checkout process. Starbucks, Sears and PayPal use Applause for payment validation. Applause employs testers in clients’ target markets to look at accuracy, speed and variables like cart size and billing location during a checkout. Testers then take those discoveries and any roadblocks to compile reports.

Hyperwallet: The payout company has been around for more than 10 years, starting out in Canada. It offers a payment platform for independent contractors, growing businesses and established companies. By working with banks directly, they boast they can keep transaction fees (especially global payments) lower. The collaborative economy, which employs a lot of independent contractors, rely on Hyperwallet’s payout platform.

Customer Experience

Raygun: Another tool generating buzz among developers that diagnoses errors and crashes in software applications. Error reporting is made simple with a few lines of code, so developers can fix more in less time. It's offering a free 30-day trial right now to test your software.

SparkPost: The email delivery service promises higher engagement and revenue. It provides real-time analytics to track what happens to your emails. A common example is with users trying to reset passwords with an online account. Sometimes, they never get those emails, or it takes way too long. SparkPost focuses on email delivery and performance. Flexible API makes for easy integration via SMTP or REST, with libraries for Node, Java, Python, PHP and Go. It's offering up to 10,000 free emails per month, and there’s special pricing for Heroku developers.

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