A customer experience revolution is afoot and Clarabridge is uniquely positioned to fuel the charge for its customers. 

Or so CEO Mark Bishof said today during his keynote at C3, the Clarabridge Customer Connections conference taking place May 1 through May 3 at the Fountainbleu Conference Center in Miami.

Bishof, who joined Clarabridge as CEO last December, painted a vision in which customer experience management platforms facilitate something more than analyzing survey data and fielding complaints, a vision where companies have actual relationships with their customers, at scale.

To realize this, brands must do three things, according to Bishof: Listen everywhere. Analyze everything. Engage everyone.

Customer Relationships, At Scale

Clarabridge will be releasing new features to its CX Suite later this month to equip its customers with these capabilities. The capabilities will build on recent releases from the company including the launch of CX Contact Center earlier this month.

Collectively, the features aim to provide a complete view of customer's interactions with a brand at any given point in time.

Listen Everywhere

At a time when channels continue to proliferate, businesses are struggling to capture the voice of their customers. Static surveys provide one small, but insufficient piece of the puzzle.

Clarabridge will consolidate customer interactions on social, in contact centers, text, chat online and more into one place. When added with the voice transcription capabilities introduced in CX Contact Center, customer support teams will have yet more data available, in a scannable format. The company will also continue to build on its existing collection of adapters and APIs to support collection of customer data points, wherever they may be. 

Surveys still have their place in this vision.

Fabrice Martin, vice president, product management at Clarabridge, today introduced Clara, Clarabridge’s Siri-like capability for conversational surveys. Clara uses natural language processing (NLP) to understand and process customer inquiries, collect feedback in real time and is equipped with sentiment analysis to speed resolution. Clara is expected to be released later this summer.

Analyze Everything

Clarabridge CX Analytics takes the information from the "listen" stage to suggest next best actions in the "engage" stage. It brings in survey feedback, interaction feedback and online feedback and processes it through a combination of NLP, machine learning, predictive and outcome analysis, theme detection and more. 

Engage Everyone

Today, Clarabridge unveiled updated case management capabilities complete with dashboarding, reporting, alerts and BOT APIs so that companies can coordinate customer support, detect swings in sentiment, discover opportunities to drive innovation and build on customer relationships.

'Power to the People'

Bishof believes the combination of these three steps will deliver CX for the digital era and bring “power to the people.” 

What does power to the people mean to Bishof? “Employees are fully engaged and love serving customers. Where workers have everything they need to properly and quickly address customer issues. And where the end result is improved revenues and loyalty.”

Or as Constellation Research analyst R. “Ray” Wang told CMSWire, "The future of CX requires more context. It will lead to more commerce in the end.”

The company will start rolling out the new capabilities this month.