Creating a new era of commerce can't be done alone. On March 9, 2022, multiple digital commerce leaders announced in a press release a collaborative effort to launch the Commerce Experience Collective (CommX)

The participating companies — which include Bloomreach, Mirakl, Fast, ShipBob and Sinch — plan to offer up an optimized and personalized end-to-end commerce experience that allows businesses to generate measurable growth revenue. The platform will utilize research solely from marketing community CommerceNext.

Customer Need Spurs Creation of CommX

The pandemic made a big splash in the ecommerce world, not only creating new challenges but also changing how customers prefer to shop and spend. However, despite stores opening back up and restrictions lifting, the growth in ecommerce has not settled down. 

Brian Walker, Chief of Strategy at Bloomreach, told CMSWire, "As all of us in CommX spoke with current and prospective customers, something we continued to hear was a need to drive continued, sustainable revenue growth in these digital channels that are becoming an increasingly important piece of a company’s commerce strategy." 

Next, the CommX team discussed ways to assist companies in growing their operations. Everyone agreed that businesses today must innovate and develop their commerce experiences to break free of the limits their legacy commerce systems placed on them. However, it can be difficult to have the insights and data necessary to prioritize what is critical.

In contrast to other industry stakeholders, which give insight into technology and what matters to developers, the CommX collaboration identified a gap in terms of helping businesses toward commerce experiences that drive business outcomes.

This conference focuses on consumer behavior and preferences research and best practices in digital commerce organizations, highlighting trends and showcasing what other businesses are doing well. It is their goal that, as the collective expands and continues to increase its capabilities, CommX will establish itself as a significant resource for growing firms.

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A Focus on Goal-Driven Ecommerce Solutions

“A lot of businesses view the technology behind building a digital commerce business from one of two lenses," said Walker. "They think they have to use this monolithic platform that claims to do it all but takes forever to implement and is not all that agile or customizable. Or they think they need this fully customizable solution, where they’re essentially building each piece of their ecommerce solution from the ground up."

Learning Opportunities

CommX's goal, though, according to Walker, is to offer a combination of both ease-of-use and agility that optimizes revenue growth. 

“If you’re a buyer on the hunt for an ecommerce solution, CommX is going to help you as a business understand: what’s actually important to me? What’s important to my customers? What are others in my industry doing? Who is best-of-breed in this specific point I’m trying to solve for?” said Walker. 

CommX will assist a buyer in identifying solutions that speak to their specific business needs. From there, it provides best practices while developing tailor-made solutions. It will also help companies decide which areas to prioritize to achieve greatest impact on customer experience and revenue. 

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What's to Come From CommX

Ecommerce businesses should keep an eye out for upcoming research conducted by CommerceNext on behalf of CommX. Among the topics covered will be "2022 Digital Trends & Investment Priorities," which will answer questions many commerce professionals have, such as: "What will move the needle and where should I spend my money this year?"

New, exclusive material will launch on CommX each week, including podcasts, best practices, case studies from the business world and more. As part of its ongoing effort to establish a vast library of all things ecommerce, the collective has enlisted industry leaders in the creation of this content. CommX also plans to expand its community over the next six months, bringing on additional partners and contributors.

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