Algolia, which provides hosted search and discovery for websites and mobile apps, has announced that it has the technology behind SeaUrchin.IO. The acquired capabilities include real-time search insights for enterprises. 

Algolia officials said the move will boost the company's Search Analytics and Click Analytics solutions, which now give customers a view into the entire search lifecycle from query to click-through to conversion. Capabilities include the ability to gather and process user-generated data, understand the intent behind a query and optimize their search experiences to boost user engagement and conversions, according to Algolia officials.

Algolia currently processes 40 billion search queries a month for its 5,000 customers. 

The capabilities include:

  • Analytics and Click Analytics APIs to measure searching habits and what people are clicking on and the conversion and engagement performance for each query 
  • Improved visibility into the queries and keywords people type
  • Enhanced relevance on every query and the ability to identify and analyze low quality search results and find problematic queries
  • Predefined filters on specific keywords based on the most popular filters.

In other customer experience software news ...

Marketing Evolution Partners with Inscape

Marketing Evolution, which provides AI-based marketing optimization and analytics software, has announced a partnership with Inscape, which offers opt-in automatic content recognition (ACR) TV viewing data in the US. It combines Marketing Evolution’s person-centric insights with Inscape’s TV viewing data. It is designed to help marketers consider viewing habits to adapt messages.

Inscape delivers near real-time viewing data across opted-in Smart TVs. Combined with Marketing Evolution, this intelligence provides marketers with data to inform marketing campaigns and advertising.

LinkedIn Reveals Secret Sauce — Again

LinkedIn is releasing its second version of the eBook, Secret Sauce: How LinkedIn Uses LinkedIn for Marketing, a guide with new tips and research to help marketers  with their LinkedIn marketing campaigns. 

Learning Opportunities

LinkedIn officials include strategies in the eBook such as:

  • Call out your audience in your headline copy
  • Send messages from a person rather than a company
  • Enable profile image of a viewing member
  • Add hyperlinks in body text.

Concurra Expands Product Offering  

Concurra, which provides website optimization and experimentation, is extending its enterprise-grade platform to businesses. Previously, it was only available to digital marketing agencies. The agency offering will rebrand as Concurra Enterprise.

Founded by SingleHop co-founder Dan Ushman, Concurra provides analysis of mouse movement and clicks to highlighting text and pinch-zooming. Users can replay individual user sessions and leverage an A/B and multivariate testing engine. 

Demandbase Appoints Trish Sparks as Chief Customer Officer

Account-Based Marketing provider Demandbase has announced that Trish Sparks has joined the company as chief customer officer. Sparks previously worked at LinkedIn and will lead Demandbase’s customer strategy, scale the customer success function, drive customer success outcomes and foster long-term customer growth.

Sparks was most recently the head of global customer success at LinkedIn Sales Solutions. She also served as the global head of Technical Solutions Consulting at LinkedIn Talent Solutions. Prior to LinkedIn, Sparks led pre-sales at Progress Software and held sales and sales engineer roles at DataDirect Technologies.