Why was Xiaomi sent with restrictions? How can Customer Service 360 impact your brand? What are low-code and no-code applications? Meanwhile, we are diving deeper into Tableau and how it is inspiring growth.

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  • 3 Ways to Center Your Business Around Customer Experience Melissa Henley | Nov. 22. Eighty percent of customers now place equal importance on a company's interactions with them as they do products. It all boils down to which company is easier to do business with, which company values its people, and which company respects them like humans rather than numbers on a spreadsheet.
  • A Xiaomi Phone Might’ve Shipped With A Censorship List In Europe. Now What? Alex Kantrowitz | Nov. 22. The Lithuanian government made an extraordinary discovery public this summer. The Mi 10T 5G, a Xiaomi phone offered in Europe, could filter about 450 words and phrases, according to the company. The blocklist was not currently active, but it could be enabled remotely.
  • 5 Questions to Ask in Building a Customer Experience Strategy for 2022 Phil Britt | Nov. 22. There are numerous moving parts in customer experience, and recent shifts in customer behavior have made the pace look frantic at times. All of a company's CX activities, from different projects to team development to execution, start with its CX strategy, which should be thoroughly developed before implementation.
  • Creating Customer 360 Doesn't Have to Be so Hard Monica Mullen | Nov. 23. Most customer experience projects fail because they are based on the incorrect assumption that everything revolves around the client. Companies recognize the value of data, yet they frequently fall short in two areas.
  • Enhancing Your One-to-One Personalization Efforts Nathan Eddy | Nov. 23. Using zero- and first-party data to customize digital marketing efforts across all platforms may increase customer loyalty by guiding potential or existing consumers through the purchasing process. It all starts with gathering data about your consumers in a privacy-compliant manner, which requires their consent to data collection. This consent is most easily obtained by offering a better user experience.
  • What Is Tableau? How BI Inspires Growth Imogen Sharma | Nov. 24. Tableau is a platform for corporate intelligence, data analytics, and data infrastructure that was designed to make data-driven decision-making easier. It was created with a specific goal in mind: to "help people perceive and interpret data."
  • How a CX Mindset Can Power Your Loyalty Marketing Program Kristi Knight | Nov. 24. Customer experience is increasingly becoming a responsibility for today's marketers. CX programs are a new marketing method that is similar to its predecessors — and its influence will only grow.
  • OpenText Acquires Zix, Verbit Raises $250M & More News Dom Nicastro | Nov. 24. OpenText, a provider of customer experience and digital workplace software, announced the signing of a formal deal to buy Zix Corporation for $860 million. Zix is a cloud-based email encryption, threat prevention, and compliance solution for small- and medium-sized enterprises that is delivered as a service.
  • What's Behind the Explosion of Low-Code and No-Code Applications David Roe | Nov. 24. Many workers in the digital workplace are fast adopting low-code and no-code applications as their preferred technology. The advent of low-code application platforms, or LCAPs, is fueling the rise of citizen development and the rise of business technologists who report outside of IT departments and develop technology or analytics capabilities for internal or external business use.

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