First week into 2022, and everyone is ready to conquer the New Year. Let’s see how organizations are using the Voice of the Customer (VoC) and also look into what challenges marketers are facing becoming customer-centric. Meanwhile, we're diving in deeper to understanding how Microsoft is working on gaining more benefits from Dynamic 365 Voice.

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  • A Look at the Way Organizations Are Using Voice of the Customer Phil Britt | Jan. 3. Companies are adopting Voice of the Customer (VoC) programs in a number of ways, as they evolve from basic survey and customer feedback programs to more complete programs.
  • The Best Tech and Business Books of 2021 Alex Kantrowitz | Jan. 3. One of the great benefits of presenting his podcast at Big Technology, according to writer Alex Kantrowitz, is that it pushes him to read books — a lot of them — so he can conduct intelligent interviews with writers. He read so many excellent technology and business books that he decided to present prizes for the best of 2021. There are many deserving candidates, but these are the ones that caught his eye.
  • The Challenges Marketers Face Going Customer-Centric Brian Carlson | Jan. 4. There is a lot of debate about customer-centricity and what an organization has to do to transform its stance to one that is genuinely focused on the requirements of the customers rather than the needs of the product. This has only grown in relevance as customers have become more technologically aware and have higher expectations from companies since the outbreak of the COVID-19 pandemic.
  • Microsoft Looks to Drive More Benefits From Dynamics 365 Voice Phil Britt | Jan. 5. As businesses seek to maximize the value of their Voice of the Customer initiatives, Microsoft is planning a slew of enhancements to Dynamics 365 Customer and hopes will enable customers to get more out of the service than they already have.
  • 7 Burning Questions About Email Unsubscribes Chad S. White | Jan. 5. Brands work hard to grow their email marketing lists, so it's understandable that they'd like to keep unsubscribes to a minimum. However, some marketers use the incorrect techniques because of persistent misunderstandings regarding unsubscribes. Some brands' efforts to limit unsubscribes result in increasing their list churn or hurting their deliverability, or both.
  • Why Enterprises Won't Ditch Collaboration Platforms Anytime Soon David Roe | Jan. 5. In the IT world, it's hard to reach the end of any year without being bombarded with predictions about what will happen the next year. Unfortunately, most individuals had forgotten about such projections by the end of January. This year is no exception, with the exception of collaboration strategies.
  • Augmented Reality, Experimentation, Ecommerce and Your Customer Base Nathan Eddy | Jan. 6. When opposed to the flat, 2D grids of product photographs that have characterized internet shopping for the past two decades, augmented reality (AR) and virtual reality (VR) technology has the potential to provide consumers a more immersive online shopping experience.
  • Understanding the Connection Between Social Media and Great Customer Experience Scott Clark | Jan. 3. Many consumers choose social media as a channel because it allows them to freely express themselves, conduct informal research on a company's products and services, and even contact the firm and its leadership. Social media allows companies to discover how consumers genuinely feel about their products and services, reach out to them more directly, and even learn how customers feel about their rivals.
  • An Enterprise-Wide Approach to No-Code Development Jed Cawthorne | Jan. 6. In 2022, the low code – no code trend that has been gaining traction in recent years is showing no signs of slowing down. In terms of speed and efficiency, businesses recognize the benefits of engaging business experts (also known as citizen developers) to solve challenges for their own units rather than professional software developers. However, there are certain drawbacks to the technique; practically all of them are related to governance.

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