As companies look to derive more benefits from their Voice of the Customer (VoC) programs, Microsoft plans numerous updates to Dynamics 365 Customer, that it expects to help users to obtain expanded benefits beyond those that users say they are already getting from the solution.

Dynamics 365 is designed to capture feedback immediately across channels with personalized surveys to continuously track customers' perception of your services and products.

In November, the company announced the expansion of Microsoft Dynamics 365 Customer Service omnichannel capabilities to include a new voice channel.

"With native voice, businesses receive seamless, end-to-end omnichannel experiences within a single solution, ensuring consistent, personalized, and connected support across all channels of engagement, the company said in a prepared statement."

This end-to-end solution unifies all points of customer interaction data, enabling businesses to simplify and streamline their processes, gain instant insights into trends, and deliver faster resolution from AI-driven assistance - all while ensuring your data remains secure and compliant, backed by the Microsoft cloud.

This new feature enables organizations to adopt Azure Communication Services as a voice provider natively in Omnichannel for Customer Service, and offers:

  • Phone number procurement and management
  • Ability to handle and distribute incoming calls
  • Ability to make outbound calls
  • Ability to manage SMS (inbound and outbound)
  • Deep integration of voice into core Omnichannel for Customer Service functionality
  • Real-time sentiment analysis
  • Real-time transcription
  • Real-time translation
  • Real-time smart assist suggestions
  • Operations management through supervisor dashboards
  • Ability to record and manage phone calls

Additionally, in January, the company planned to offer for public preview the ability to quickly add relevant stakeholders to Microsoft Teams chat using suggested contacts. The current plan is to make this feature generally available in March. However, the company cautioned in a blog that delivery timelines may change and projected functionality may not be released.

Among the planned updates available for public preview in February (full release date is still pending) include the ability to:

  • More easily edit a Dynamics 365 record within a Microsoft Teams conversation
  • Keep additional stakeholders in the loop by sending automated chat notifications from Dynamics 365 to Microsoft Teams
  • Seamlessly add activities and notes to Dynamics 365 records from within a Microsoft Teams chat or channel
  • Share Dynamics 365 records in a Microsoft Teams message

In March, Microsoft plans to offer public preview of a seamless experience between Dynamics 365 and Microsoft Teams, which is designed to help drive seller productivity.Two companies recently discussed with CMSWire the benefits they are already deriving from using Microsoft Dynamics 365.

Offers a Seamless Process

Absolute Reg LTD has taken advantage of many of the of Dynamics 365 Customer Voice since Microsoft made a handful of program updates in April, said Jake Smith, owner and managing director.

"It allows us to provide a seamless survey process to customers while understanding their feelings by asking specific questions rather than generic ones."

Learning Opportunities

Feedback collection enables the company to distribute surveys in different channels. This is one of the most basic functions of Dynamics 365 Customer Voice, according to Smith. However, Microsoft sees that updates regarding this feature can ease companies in collecting feedback from customers. It also ensures that customers will have smooth access to the survey so they would not think that relaying their feedback is a waste of time and effort.

"Sending out general survey questionnaires is no longer helpful in gaining customer feedback," Smith added. "Dynamics 365 Customer Voice ensures that customers' inner voices are heard by allowing companies to formulate personalized questions that let the customers share their overall perception of the company and their experience in one or two of their transactions. It gives customers the chance to convey their experiences, effort, and how customer service representatives treat them."

Smith added that Dynamics 365 Customer Voice places a specific function designed to manage customer surveys, enabling his company to the feedback they are getting from the customers and use it to identify potential customer pain points based on customers' responses. This enables Absolute Regs to recognize what areas need improvement and which one has to be reinforced to increase customer satisfaction.

Eliminates Application Switching

Dynamics 365 allows Luckluckgo to comprise the entire customer's data under one repository, said Ryan Yount, company founder. With this, executives don't need to switch between applications for different customer service functions."

Dynamics 365 fabricates various templates and questionnaires that help the company collect more comprehensive feedback from shoppers using customized templates, allowing for more meaningful diverse metrics that the company uses to improve the effectiveness and efficiency of its service.

This capability in Dynamics 365 not only helps my company handle the disputes of unsatisfied customers but also elevates the credibility of our business, Yount said."The Dynamics 365 roadmap incorporates dynamic marketing, which furnishes the overall experience of the communication with shoppers. My firm is delighted with the connection of Dynamics 365 sales with active 365 marketing. The marketers in my firm now effortlessly develop refined content with a sleek interface."

By utilizing the dynamic 365 enterprise edition, the organization is assisting employees to move away from automated, manual tasks to ones that truly require human intervention, Yount added. "This helps the employees enhance their growth potential. With our goal-oriented strategies and Dynamics 365 supportive solutions, my company can expand the business effectively. Microsoft Dynamic 365 offers access and visibility of business data instantly."

Before Microsoft, Luckluckgo analysts spent plenty of time creating the reports then analyzing them, Yount added. "Now our analysts can build accurate reports right away to make informed business decisions."