There's a theory that I've never had the opportunity to test out (and hope never to) about what you should do when attacked by a bear.

You hold your coat over your head — making you appear larger in stature — and make a lot of noise, hopefully scaring the bear away in the process. You're basically trying to trick the bear into thinking that you're bigger than you are.

Which brings me to our contributor community.

It's Not an Illusion

Don't panic, CMSWire is not being attacked by a family of bears. 

But our contributor community does give us the power to look — and become — bigger than we are. Our contributors write daily on topics that interest our audience and play a big part in continuing the dialogue in the comments and on social channels.

Without them, we would be lesser. Without them, we would be quieter, smaller in stature.

Every year we recognize a handful of our contributors for their contributions — on many levels — to CMSWire. But this is in no way meant to diminish the contributions of the many whose names do not appear on this list.

To those who respond when I ask you to write entire articles based on a single Tweet you sent out: thank you.

To those who contribute articles on our editorial focuses: thank you.

To those who write a regular column, on top of your day jobs: thank you.

To all of you who have written for us in the past and who continue to write for us: know that you make us greater than we could be on our own. Thank you.

Contributors of 2015

And with no further ado, we would like to recognize the following contributors for their work on CMSWire in 2015:

  • Boris Kraft
  • Carrie Basham Young
  • David Lavenda
  • Deb Miller
  • Dennis Shiao
  • Jed Cawthorne
  • Joanna Schloss
  • Joe Shepley
  • John Horodyski 
  • Laurence Hart
  • Martin White
  • Sam Marshall
  • Tom Petrocelli

We will be running profiles of all of these contributors over the next week, so please check back to learn more.