KISSmetrics claims its users have a better way to identify barriers to conversion and take action on them, thanks to today’s launch of Engage.

Engage is a conversion optimization program the company describes as easy enough for editorial staff to use, without the need for developer or IT support.

Built on top of the KISSmetrics platform, Engage uses behavior-based data to display notifications to site visitors, while allowing content editors to find barriers and blockers, and take action steps to improve conversions — steps that typically lived outside of the platform.

“The type of analytics that KISSmetrics gives insight into is really helpful for editors,” said Maura Ginty, VP of marketing for KISSmetrics. “As editorial work gets more data-focused, and all content and messaging is data-driven, they start to experience data overload.

“With Engage, they can go from the unique perspective of one to one, and one to segment analytics, to seeing where there is dropoff in the customer journey and engagement, and coming up with a notification or nudge to help fix that problem.”

How Engage Works

Andy Wyatt
According to Andy Wyatt, program manager at KISSmetrics, the setup process is simple, and doesn’t require coding or CSS skills.

He also discussed the different ways marketers can prompt engagement, reduce abandonment or promote a sale by the actions customers take on your site.

Specifically, marketers can quickly set up the following behavioral-based actions:

  • Lightbox: dims the background and displays a box with content and a call to action
  • Dynamic Content Modals: popup boxes with content and a call to action that display in the middle of the page
  • Announcements: bars that display along the top of the page
  • Bumpers: small popups with recommended next steps or related content that display in the bottom right portion of the page
  • Notifications: small popups with highlighted information that display in the upper right corner of the screen

Marketers can also choose the triggers which prompt these actions, he continued, such as when a customer is idol for a certain period of time, scrolls to a particular portion of a page, or after a page loads.

Kissmetric's engage platform

Keeping Visitors Engaged

“Content use cases are strongest because it’s about keeping readers continuously engaged,” said Wyatt.

He gave an example of a large media site that might want to offer one free gated content piece in order to encourage subscribers. With Engage, he said, marketers could target a particular acquisition channel by using an announcement bar. Anyone not from that channel would be locked out.

With goals in mind, as well as information about visitors and traffic, that company could then measure the effectiveness of the announcement bar and determine whether or not it helped them improve that section of the customer journey.

Maura Ginty
If visitors are already subscribers, the company could provide them with a special offer if they renew.

“Engage helps marketers segment across campaigns and give different messages in different areas,” said Ginty. “It fits so well into every step of the customer journey because it’s based on behavior. If someone stalls, you can present another call to action that makes them more comfortable.”

Wyatt added that until now, content managers never had the data to go beyond simply triggering engagement.

“Tying them together — both the traffic segments and the numbers behind them — that is the biggest difference we see in the market with Engage.”

Engage is available as an add-on, or a standalone product. According to the KISSmetrics site, current KISSmetrics users can test drive Engage on top of their platform until January 2016.