Qualtrics, a provider of experience management, has announced a new integration with SAP Service Cloud® that brings AI and machine learning capabilities from Qualtrics XM Discover. The integration is designed to support customer service teams in resolving customer issues and increasing resolution rates.

“Qualtrics and SAP are partnering to make contact centers more empathetic in the way they respond to customer needs and expectations,” Fabrice Martin, chief product officer at Qualtrics XM Discover, told CMSWire.

Infusing AI, Machine Learning in SAP Service Cloud

Martin shared with CMSWire Qualtrics and SAP the integration will assist customer service teams in resolving customer issues more quickly, increasing the rate at which issues are resolved, and improving customer satisfaction.

Customers' structured and unstructured feedback, including phone conversations, agent notes, email correspondence, online reviews and post-call surveys, may now be analyzed using XM Discover's Natural Language Understanding capabilities through this new interface. An organization's customers' purchases, interactions, experiences and comments throughout time are all mapped out for actions.

"The analysis captures, and tags, the emotion, effort, and intent behind every customer interaction," Martin said. "This helps organizations understand why customers are reaching out and how they feel about their experiences."

SAP Service Cloud users may utilize these data insights to detect churn threats or upsell possibilities, for example, and automatically build new cases that are directed to the relevant SAP Service Cloud teams for action.

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XM Discover Records Emotion, Effort, Purpose

Every customer encounter can be tracked and analyzed using XM Discover's emotion, effort and intent tags. This gives businesses a better understanding of why and how their customers contact them, according to Martin. Customers' purchases, interactions, experiences and comments may be tracked in real time with the use of a platform that integrates operational data from SAP with customer experience data from Qualtrics. Using this data, businesses may anticipate retention challenges or upsell opportunities and take proactive measures to solve problems with specific consumers or groups.

“The key is the ability to quickly act on these insights," Martin said. "If it’s revealed that an interaction put the customer relationship at risk, either based on an assessment of sentiment, effort, or agent behaviors, an organization can trigger proactive customer recovery activities within Service Cloud so it can recover without any customer complaints."

Learning Opportunities

Automated systems are the last component. It summarizes every conversation between an agent and a consumer instantly. As a result, any potential compliance issues that arise during a customer engagement may be flagged automatically so that employees can be educated in real time, helping to avoid costly mistakes in the long run, according to Martin

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Integration Aids Contact Center Directors

This collaboration will aid contact center directors and managers in streamlining operations, enhancing agent and self-service performance and designing service experiences that increase customer happiness and Net Promoter Score, Martin said. Qualtrics enables businesses to understand their customers' unique experiences and to respond in real time to create customized experiences.

Agent turnover at contact centers is at an all-time high as call volumes continue to rise. Qualtrics heard from numerous customers they want to reduce the time it takes their agents to resolve calls or assess script adherence in real time in order to save money and find new methods to teach their employees. At the same time, they're trying to figure out how to better satisfy their customers.

The integration will be broadly accessible to SAP Service Cloud and Qualtrics XM Discover clients in the second half of 2022. It is accessible to SAP Service Cloud subscribers and is included with the XM Discover license.

Social Connect Triggers Listening Mechanisms

Qualtrics is coming off the release of Qualtrics Social Connect, which enables organizations to listen to their consumers across all social and digital platforms, as well as organize, intelligently route and prioritize digital customer support from a single perspective. The major advantage for Qualtrics Social Connect is the ability to give agents unique insight into social trends and actual consumer sentiment, intent and emotions by using XM Discover's natural language understanding capabilities.

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