vendor area at dreamforce

Having worked numerous trade shows as a salesperson, attending Dreamforce this week without a specific booth to call home has left me feeling slightly unmoored.

Drifting around the white-carpeted floor, I wondered if it was my imagination that all of the vendors seemed to be having such a great, upbeat time.  

I decided to ask them.

Although, my sample isn’t exhaustive or scientific, sales vendor reps I spoke with yesterday reported being thrilled with the turnout and the experience of Dreamforce and they were quick to volunteer the many ways their companies have been using the Salesforce platform in their businesses. 

These are their stories.

Socks and Software at Sage

Morgan Foster Rochofski, Campaign Manager at Atlanta-based Sage, an accounting and financial software company, greeted me with a free pair of lime green socks and a lollipop. Sage, she explained, uses Salesforce to marry CRM with financial data.

"We are strategic partners with Salesforce, and we’ve had a lot of good conversations as well as a lot of feedback," she remarked.  As for feedback on Sage’s giveaways, Rochofski had thoughtful insights there, too:  The socks were overall more popular but the lollipops spiked in popularity after coffee.  

Silver Robots at Domo

Jordan Lower, an account development manager at Domo, a cloud-based business intelligence platform, was standing outside his booth giving away small silver robots when I stopped by. 

Yes, he agreed, they had been a "huge draw for a lot of people." Domo had been on the conference circuit for a while―"hundreds, it seems," but Lower put Dreamforce in a class by itself because of its open environment and ease of talking to people.

Starstruck at Shopper Success

At the Shopper Success Experience, a modern and dimly-lit area showcasing sleek and snazzy furniture from Design Within Reach, I spoke with two anonymous Salesforce solution engineers.

They explained that DWR is a Salesforce customer and proclaimed that attendance at the booth has been phenomenal.  Two visitors in particular stood out ― San Francisco Mayor Ed Lee and Salesforce CEO Marc Benioff.  "We were just starstruck," the booth workers agreed.

Bling and Black Tie at GenTux

Far and away the most attention-grabbing sales reps were at Generation Tux, a new online tuxedo rental company. Two chipper young men wearing full-on formal wear were handing out enormous "wedding rings" and inviting everyone to visit the GenTux photo booth.  Gentle reader, she said yes.

One of my dapper suitors then introduced himself as Douglas Drake and told me that the first question out of most visitors’ mouths was, "What are you doing at Dreamforce?"

He quickly explained that GenTux is built entirely on the Salesforce platform and was a natural to attend Dreamforce.  In addition to Drake’s deftly delivered sales pitch ― "Better quality, better selection, great price, $150 for the entire outfit, including shoes" he also confided that, "We’ve had an entire Salesforce team living with us for a year, basically helping us with all aspects."

Happy Days

The enthusiasm and diversity of vendors at Dreamforce was an eye-opener for me. 

Even without the robot, lollipop and marriage proposal, seeing so many happy sales reps so engaged in their jobs has been the highlight of my Dreamforce experience ― so far.

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