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Customer experience (CX) practitioners cite data & analytics, digital customer experience, customer loyalty & retention and digital transformation as the top trends impacting CX, according to The Global State of Customer Experience 2019 report by CX Network

Do CMOs play a role in driving CX? The easy answer is, “Yes, of course.” But CX spans a wide net across an organization from customer support and customer service, not exactly the CMO’s wheelhouse. So we asked CMOs where their focus is, particularly in the area of CX, and what it means to them. 

Marketing Communication Drives CX

Lauren Metsig, CMO of Maestro Health, said experience starts with the right message. “Even if the service is there, the message must be consistent across all touchpoints to establish a positive experience for customers. Your marketing team should be the best communicators in your company. It’s up to them to help inform the message your customers hear, from lead generation all the way through onboarding and implementation.”

Marketing should work with your customer service team, a union that’s not very traditional, but very effective, Metsig has found. “A positive CX is well-informed, well-communicated and focused on helping users/end users feel valued,” Metsig said. “If marketing is able to play a part in helping customer relationship managers communicate with customers, the CX will improve significantly.”

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Product Experience Matters

Peter Isaacson, CMO of Demandbase, said his top challenge, and the top area of focus for the next year, is CX. It will include product experience, helping products deliver the best user experience possible. “In 2020, we will be looking at CX across our buying cycle to make sure each touchpoint delivers a terrific experience,” Isaacson said. “We also plan to make sure that our web experience is the best possible showcase for our products and technology.” 

Is this the first time Isaacson’s focus has been on CX? No, but as a company continues to grow quickly, you need to constantly reinvent yourself and “make sure you are improving and staying as relevant, and differentiated, as possible,” he said.

Aligning Goals With Custer Experience

The biggest challenge for 2020 will be to create a revenue team centered around the customer experience, according to Allison Munro, CMO at Piano. “It’s no longer about the buyer’s journey, it’s the customer experience that you need to predict and align to,” she said. “Internally and externally, the customer drives your business: how you get in front of their needs and deliver or go beyond their experience in a predictable and repeatable way to scale is ultimately what every CMO of a growing company wants to achieve.”

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Staying Relevant Throughout the Buyer's Journey

Jeff Brown, CMO of Lytics, said relevance is top of mind for his team when it comes to CX. They constantly want to provide experiences that are relevant to customers and where they are on their journey. “We are constantly iterating and adding experiences for our customers to ensure that they receive maximum value in their investment in Lytics,” Brown said.

Bottom Line: Think Beyond Acquisition

Marketing has long been dedicated to client acquisition and that makes sense on the surface, according to Metsig. “But a smart marketer will tell you that a strong focus on retention through positive CX is key to a happy and successful business. At the end of the day, marketers are experience makers. To drive a great CX, you have to drive a series of positive experiences at every touchpoint. Why wouldn’t marketing be driving that?”