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Digital Asset Management (DAM) Software

In today’s customer-centric world, managing digital media is imperative. From creation to consumption, OpenText Media Management (OTMM) helps people find, share and use digital media assets to deliver rich and engaging customer experiences. OTMM makes it easy to get the right content and experiences to users on the platforms and devices they choose.

Every company is a media company today, using rich media, images, and video to communicate with partners, customers, staff and other constituents. Whether studios, retail, insurance, finance, banking, energy, CPG, manufacturing or another enterprise you have information to share, a story to tell and something to sell. OTMM can help securely manage your digital media assets, brands and valuable IP to increase productivity, reduce costs, control, repurpose and automate content publishing and delivery, enabling new ways to communicate and generate new revenue streams.

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OpenText™ Media Management
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