Since its publication in 1946, Donald Gardner’s “All I Want For Christmas Is My Two Front Teeth” has remained a favorite song for the holidays. Its lyrics are festive, frivolous and frisky, evoking a sense of silliness over what might rather be identified as a significant loss … two teeth. 

But if I could ask for something during this season of wish lists, I'd ask for something I've heard from many people, many times over this last year: a good customer experience. So many digital asset management (DAM) customers feel frustrated and are left wishing and longing, just like the kid yearning for his two front teeth. All we want for the holidays is a good customer experience!

Customer Experience Is a Year-Round Pursuit

“If we don’t take care of our customers, someone else will" — Unknown

“Great Expectations” isn't just the title of a classic novel, it’s the feeling customers have when they acquire their DAM. Supporting those users with great expectations are the technology teams who keep systems running. When faced with technical challenges, DAM support teams rely on customer service from the vendor. Without committed engagement and the conversations necessary for effective trouble-shooting, solving those technical challenges becomes frustrating, poor system performance drags on and user adoption weakens. 

Customer experience must be about listening, learning and responding to your clients. Anything less is worthy of the “naughty list.” Communicating with your customers will never cause any issues … so do it, and do it often! It requires more than an automatic email reply or placing customers into a service queue. 

People understood that a technology vendor can’t engage in deep-dive conversations for every customer question or issue. Self-service support is essential: if you are not doing it, start now. Technology vendors: listen to your customers and work to understand what they need for they are truly making a list and checking it twice. Less than good support and underperforming systems leave long-lasting memories, so you better be good, for goodness' sake!  

Learning Opportunities

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Great Expectations for the Future

This holiday season, I call out to all DAM practitioners, DAM vendors and all those working in DAM, to be merry, be kind and make 2019 the best year you can. Let’s all pay attention to our customers and start delivering the best customer service possible in 2019. We are all watching and judging each other more than any “Elf on the Shelf” will ever do. So, read carefully and enjoy:

On the twelfth day of Christmas, my true love sent to me,

Twelve update notifications gone unnoticed,

Eleven copyright lawyers piping,

Ten change management requests a-leaping from poor governance,

Nine metadata fields dancing with no controlled terms,

Eight user-experience scenarios a-milking the design team for more,

Seven servers crashing … yet, again,

Six search strings a-laying no results due to no synonyms,

Five golden file formats … if only we knew what they were,

Four calling vendors with “we can do that” solutions

Three integration plans that work (ho ho ho),

Two turtle dove taxonomies touting ontologies (what is that?)

And a DAM solution that works for everyone in our company!

Happy Holidays and let 2019 be a DAM good year for us all!

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