“Efficiency is doing things right; effectiveness is doing the right things.” — Peter Drucker

The demand to deliver successful and sustainable business outcomes with our digital asset management (DAM) systems often collides with transitioning business models within marketing operations, creative services, IT or the enterprise as a whole.

We see change everywhere: in people, processes and technologies. Change is as present as it is pervasive. But have we become so busy with the proliferation of content and its associated processes that we are challenged with our response? 

We need to recognize that change is coming, and we must see DAM as more than a tool for managing digital assets — we must embrace it as a critical component of the content and marketing technology ecosystem.

More than ever, we need DAM to be not only the single source of truth for our content, but also the foundation upon which to build consumer engagement. DAM is the right thing to do.

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Embrace Changes in Business and Culture

“If you always do what you always did, you will always get what you always got.” — unknown

We need to take a hard look at marketing and business operations and technology consumption with an eye toward optimizing processes, reducing time to market for marketing materials and improving consumer engagement and personalization with better data capture and analysis. We must also be mindful of two major changes to business and culture: The integration of technology, which enables streamlining and partial in-sourcing of campaigns, and international growth and expansion, which requires a transformation of marketing operations to best serve fast-growing sectors.

The demand for digital assets is high because the need for digital assets is multifaceted. Digital assets are used for the design, production and distribution of content throughout all aspects of organizations. Brand and market position — and the technologies to support customer engagement and brand activation — are essential to any organization’s growth. DAM is a foundational component of this growth because it does the following:

Learning Opportunities

  • Embodies and facilitates responsiveness and agility.
  • Anticipates managing content beyond classically defined digital assets.
  • Fosters greater user interactivity and collaboration across the enterprise.
  • Serves as a single source of truth in the organization, and as such helps quantify the value of digital assets, through their discovery, use and reuse in daily operations.

More than ever, companies need DAM if they want to be effective, integrated and connected with everything in the content, marketing and technology ecosystems.

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Accelerate the Conversation Between Business and Consumer

“Do the Right Thing” — a Spike Lee movie

Any successful DAM implementation requires more than just new technology, it requires a foundation for digital strategy. Using DAM effectively can deliver knowledge, measurable cost savings, time-to-market gains and greater brand voice consistency. Those are all valuable and meaningful payoffs for your digital strategy foundation. To remain competitive, professionals from creative, marketing and communications must deliver what consumers want, when and where they want it.

In order to respond quickly to these expectations, we need DAM to work within an effective transformational business strategy that involves the enterprise. Whether you view digital transformation as technology, customer engagement or marketing and sales, intelligent operations coordinate these efforts toward a unified goal. DAM is strengthened when working as part of an enterprise digital transformation strategy that considers content management from multiple perspectives, including knowledge, rights and data.

As an energetic force, DAM will accelerate the conversation between business and consumer. Businesses creating and disseminating brand and marketing messages and products will engage with the consumer community, who will respond with shopping behavior, internet searches, assets and data such as reviews, comments, images and check-ins. Content should be viewed as a constant connection between people, processes and technology. DAM is the right thing to do for your content and your brand.

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