Workfront has added a digital asset management (DAM) solution to its enterprise workflow platform. Officials said it will help marketers store, use and reuse digital assets for a better workflow and integration between DAM and the work management ecosystem.

Joe Staples, chief marketing officer for the Lehi, Utah-based enterprise collaboration provider, told CMSWire the DAM solution comes after requests from clients to integrate the management of digital assets into the Workfront workflow.

“The proliferation of digital assets is growing, and companies are trying to manage their brand around all those DAMs,” Staples said. .. “The problem we think we’re solving is that typically DAM is separate from the workflow, and we think this is an inefficient way of managing all this.”

DAM Integration

Marketers and creative departments make revisions, approvals, and tweaks to digital assets. A “fully integrated DAM application to our core Workfront workflow offering” is crucial, Staples said.

It’s a "tight integration" that helps marketers create marketing assets in Workfront and then curate, store and distribute final assets in Workfront DAM, powered by DAM software provider WebDAM.

Workfront DAM capabilities include:

  • Asset management and control: Marketers can manage files while controlling access and usage
  • Brand management: Marketers can deliver all collateral, control it, and protect it while providing access and ensuring consistent usage
  • Marketing fulfillment: Marketers can reach market segments by producing, accessing and distributing materials and share materials with printers, distributors and internal teams

screenshot of workfront's new digital asset management tool

Metadata Key

Jon Hawkins, sales engineer manager for Workfront, said the “biggest differentiator” for the Workfront DAM is the ability to do in-depth metadata keyword-based searches and then “allow those assets to populate.”

Learning Opportunities

headshot of Jon Hawkins, workfront sales manager engineer

Users can then gather those assets and then push them over to a system like inDesign, for example.

“There is not a lot of metadata keyword structure in a Box or Dropbox that would be useful in a DAM,” Hawkins said. “This allows users to publish their final digital assets to the Workfront DAM and allow them to publish that to their brand portal. You’re sharing those digital assets internally or externally to whoever needs to use it.”

Staples said the pricing for the Workfront DAM starts at $21,500 per year and includes five power users and unlimited “collaboration users.” The average Workfront customer spends about $50,000 per year, Staples added.

Typical users of the Workfront DAM? Staples said that would be power users inside of creative services, such as directors, graphic designers, etc.

“The bottom line to this for agencies and creative services teams,” Staples said, “is to simply the process of how they create and manage digital assets.”