Seth Earley

Seth Earley, co-founder and CEO of Earley Information Science, believes successful digital transformation requires a realistic roadmap.

During the inaugural CMSWire DX Summit Nov. 3 and 4 in Chicago, he explained how to use digital transformation and customer journey maturity models, as well as how to match tools with the customer lifecycle.

'Increasing the Clock Speed'

"Digital transformation is really the digitization of everything. Most organizations are finding that all of their systems, processes, procedures and technologies are being impacted in a way that is completely unprecedented in history. 

"It's not just about getting paper out of a process. It's not just about getting things online. It's not just about web presence.

"It's really the integration of all of the processes, both internally and externally, that comprise that interaction in the value chain and all of the transactions and all of the mechanisms by which you are interacting with customers and interacting with suppliers, interacting with vendors, interacting with competitors and, internally, with your employees.

"And it's about increasing the clock speed of all of those interactions so that you can react more quickly to changes in the marketplace.

"You can react more quickly to the needs of customers. You can bring products and services to market more quickly and efficiently. And it is about adaptability and responsiveness."

Video by Asa Aarons Smith