crystal ball

At one time or another, most of us have dreamed of a glimpse of the future. How, we wonder, will this situation or event or relationship ultimately end?

From the mysterious woman in the candlelit tent with her dangling earrings and jangling bracelets to Wall St. analysts and the likes of Nate Silver, human beings seem fixated on the future. Can we outsmart the universe and uncover our destinies?

Can we really experience the future — today?

Let's Have a Little Fun

If you've been reading CMSWire lately, then you know the priority we have been placing on digital experience (DX). In fact, it's the focus of our inaugural DX Summit, which will be taking place on November 3 and 4 at the W Hotel City Center in Chicago.

CMSWire is sponsoring two solid days of all-out discussion and introspection on the topics related to digital customer experience delivery.

But let's extrapolate. What if we could look into our crystal balls and see what would happen if industries ranging from automotive to healthcare embraced DX strategies and technologies?

"Enter the realm of the Great Shmarnikov, Seer of Industry Futures.  Come learn what business and industry will look like. Gaze into my crystal ball and see YOUR future."

Who am I to argue with that?

What Happens Next?

With a nip in the air and the leaves changing color, the prognosticators are coming out of hiding and making bold predictions about retail holiday sales, if the next President will build a hotel on the White House lawn and if the Detroit Lions can actually win more than one game this year

So what does the Great Shmarnikov see for the future of some industries capturing the best digital customer experience possible? Let's see what he has to say.

"I see great things for the auto industry, dear friend.  If you look into the ball, you will see dealers looking for new ways to entice shoppers about the origins of their cars. It would not surprise The Great Shmarnikov if we heard shoppers physically establish dialogue and relationships with the auto workers who make the cars, themselves, talking about how their car was made, where it was made and who was involved with the engineering. 

"If it worked for food and the farm-to-table movement, could we see it for the ‘factory-to-driveway’ movement as well?  Only the Great Auto Gods know.  But as brands look for new ways to bring quality to the forefront, look for auto companies to find ways for the factory to come into the dealer."

"Let me tell you what the Crystal Ball says about the future of healthcare.  I see that you went to the doctor recently and were able to access your health records electronically. The Great Shmarnikov sees more than your records in the crystal ball--encrypted of course, as The Great Shmarnikov values your security.

"I see more mobile health and telehealth companies looking to make medical experiences and interactions more positive and more "on demand" when consumers want information.  I see a Chicago company called Zest Health bridging the divide between a consumer, his doctor and his insurance company with a really cool app.  I see Pager redefining the idea of a doctor’s house call. 

"Look deeper into my ball and you will see hospitals looking more like shopping malls to help families whose loved ones are in the hospital for long periods of time.  The Great Shmarnikov predicts we will see healthcare take on more experience design consultants as the Affordable Care Act continues to spur new opportunities for growth.”

Uncover the Future at DXS15

Great Shmarnikov, you bring up some great thoughts?  Can I get more?

“The Crystal Ball requires more money to summon the spirits.”

OK, I have no more dough in my pocket. Time to ask other soothsayers. 

Do you predict other industries  will embrace better DX?  

Let me know at @shmaraksmpr or find me at the DX Summit and we can see if we can channel The Great Shmarnikov for other discussions.

Who knows?  The Great Shmarnikov might write an article about your insights.

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