Employee engagement continues to be top of mind, thanks in part to the rapid transformation of work over the past two years. We know that employees who are more engaged and empowered are more productive than their non-engaged peers. Productivity leads to better customer experiences, which in turn drives business growth. This means employees are able to contribute from their first day.

With more employees than ever working remotely, engagement has held steady in 2021. Yet organizations can’t afford complacency, and as more workers are hired without ever stepping foot inside the company office, the time is now to define processes and policies around remote work that may have been decided ad hoc a year ago.

Focusing on the Digital Employee Experience (DEX) will help motivate and encourage all workers — especially remote and hybrid ones. DEX solutions can deliver great employee experiences through secure-anywhere access and self-service to apps, experience measurement/monitoring across the workspace and proactive remediation to reduce support tickets. DEX tools are a necessity and should be a requirement in today's hybrid workspace.

DEX Defined

What, exactly, is the digital employment experience? Why is it important and how does it impact the overall employee experience?

First, employee experience begins with an understanding: employees need to be engaged to do their best work. Engagement comes from giving employees what they need to complete their tasks quickly and accurately. DEX centers around the technology employees need to do their jobs. Employers can improve DEX by giving workers better tools, so the tech helps (not hinders) their workflows. Providing a great employee experience should also start from day one; as remote onboarding is becoming more common you’ll need to provide tools for your employees to access even if they never step foot inside the office.

Thanks to the rise of remote and hybrid workforces, technology is of even greater importance now than it ever has been. Research shows that one in four U.S. workers is currently remote, while the number of remote workers is expected to double by 2025. Your workers need to be able to work from anywhere, and the tech shouldn’t get in their way.

Successful DEX solutions ensure employees can communicate, collaborate and learn. Employees need a single point where they can discuss issues with IT, talk to their co-workers, develop their skills and diagnose technical issues. All of this is done through the lens of personalization.

Managing Employees From Afar With DEEM Solutions

To truly know if your employees are engaged or not, you need tools that can monitor and analyze their behaviors and opinions. This is also done through a Digital Employee Experience Management (DEEM) solution, a core element of the DEX portfolio.

Learning Opportunities

How do you measure whether you are successfully delivering an amazing employee experience? All you teams need tools to do their best work — whether in the office or out of it. With remote and hybrid work on the rise, your managers must be able to keep their finger on the pulse of their teams remotely and diagnose problems they might not be able to see. While your staff might live far away, your managers still need to monitor the digital environment, proactively addressing challenges that might hinder employee productivity. Your IT and helpdesk teams need to be enabled to deliver remote support to employees who don’t work at the office five days a week. To top it all off, security must be at the top of mind. Your employees need a secure workplace to get their work done anytime, anywhere, from any device.

This may all seem like a tall order, but tools such as VMWare’s Workspace ONE Digital Employee Experience Management is designed to address these concerns and more. A solution like Workspace ONE allows employees to curate content and tools, tailoring their workspace to what’s right and necessary for them. Giving employees access to the tools they need can contribute to increased productivity, higher NPS and more engaged employees.


Giving your employees the tools they need to be productive from anywhere is a top goal of improving the employee experience. It wasn’t always easy to diagnose employee experience issues when people were in the office five days a week. With the rise of remote and hybrid work, employees are out of sight more than ever before.

But out of sight doesn’t have to be out of mind. DEX tools allow your employees to be engaged and productive from day one. By offering self service and personalization options, employees can curate the content and support they need to perform. Having communication channels in one place makes it easy to connect with colleagues or submit helpdesk tickets. All this can happen on employees’ devices of choice. With DEX solutions, your managers can best support their employees and improve the digital employee experience.

Learn more about how Workspace ONE can support your remote workers here.