Tony Byrne has watched the evolution of web content management systems since 2001. That's the year he founded CMS Watch — a vendor-independent analyst firm that evaluates content technologies and publishes research comparing different solutions head-to-head. 

Over time, CMS Watch grew into a multi-channel research and advisory organization. 

In 2010, the company was renamed the Real Story Group. Byrne oversees all of the Real Story Group's technology streams.

This November, Byrne, a former journalist and a 20-year technology industry veteran, will share his expertise at CMSWire's DX Summit 2015 at the W City Center Hotel in Chicago. 

CMSWire caught up with him for a preview of his presentations, which focus on selecting and integrating the right digital experience (DX) technologies.

Nicastro: How do you define digital experience ?

Byrne: To me it's a mindset. It means you start with the screen and work backwards, rather than starting with your IT systems and looking forward. It puts the needs of the constituent — customer, prospect, employee, whatever — first and foremost. This remains a somewhat radical idea, by the way.

Nicastro: You emphasize the need to select the right DX technologies. What technologies do you mean by that?

Byrne: This is a great question and unlikely to be sorted out soon. At Real Story Group we see it as a confluence of core informational and experiential platforms centered around digital and media asset management, web content and experience management, social engagement and marketing automation. It also includes a range of upstream and downstream systems, like online video platforms (OVPs), e-commerce, customer relationship management and more.

Learning Opportunities

Nicastro: What tips can you share about selecting DX technology?

Byrne: The most important one: take an empirical, test-based approach that revolves around hands-on education and vetting.

Nicastro: When it comes to marketing technologies or MarTech, there is a perennial debate about whether it's better to build or buy. Where do you stand?

Byrne: Buy, always buy, wherever possible. You'll still be building, to be sure, but you'll be building essential integration connections rather than discrete functionality.

If you'd like to learn more about digital experience technologies, Tony Byrne will be speaking at our DX Summit, which will be held Nov. 3 and 4 at the W Hotel City Center in downtown Chicago. He'll be presenting a pre-conference workshop on selecting the right DX technology on Nov. 2 and leading a session on Building the Right Digital Marketing Toolkit on Nov. 3. Find out more here.