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Adobe is beefing up one of the pillars of its Adobe Marketing Cloud. The software giant today announced tighter integrations between Adobe Social’s mobile application and its photo editor app in a move officials promised will help marketers create visual campaigns faster.

Adobe Social is one of eight applications within the Adobe Marketing Cloud, which the San Jose, Calif.-based company touts as the all-in-one digital marketing suite. It also includes Analytics, Audience Manager, Campaign, Experience Manager, Media Optimizer, Primetime and Target.

Marketers will be able to better leverage the Aviary Photo Editor app, acquired by Adobe last September, through the Adobe Creative Cloud with this tighter integration. Aviary is an Instagram-photo-editor like app that allows marketers to create visual campaigns via mobile. It allows marketers to edit graphics and images directly in the Adobe Social app before pushing out content.

Visuals and More Visuals

Jordan Enright-Schulz, product marketing manager for Adobe Social, said the focus on the new integrations for Adobe is content creation and distribution.

headshot of Jordan Enright-Schulz of Adobe

“We’re zeroing in on a trend we’re seeing,” Enright-Schulz told CMSWire. “We’re seeing a huge shift from text to videos and photos. Social marketers need to deliver more rich and engaging content very quickly. And we’re focusing on changes that will make it easier for them.”

The move to visual is definitely a trend. Video marketing — or better yet, visual marketing — has people talking. Marketers are jumping on board, and so are enterprises for internal communication. Facebook’s even trying to overtake YouTube with a massive emphasis on videos

The point? Visual content appeals, sometimes more so than reading long passages of text. 

Inside Adobe and Aviary

Particular, Adobe officials said the new integrations with the Aviary photo editor app will allow marketers to:

  • Create photos using hashtags, memes, filters and image cropping
  • Eliminate blemishes
  • Stylize shots with adjustable professional effects
  • Use stickers and frames

screenshot of the adobe aviary photo app in action

Adobe also announced its “Publish Anywhere” feature is moving out of beta testing. Marketers can access Publish Anywhere from any screen within Adobe Social, allowing marketers to leverage social conversations and trends, customer interactions, or social content performance and get into the conversations.

Publish Anywhere now also supports Twitter video and multi-image posts. New features of Publish Anywhere will be available on Adobe Social for desktop starting today.

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