Digital asset management (DAM) specialist Widen Enterprises just released Quick Insights, an application it describes as an analytics “cheat sheet” for digital marketers.

Quick Insights is an agile analytics application that tells marketers how its content is performing, where it is being used and how it could be developed to perform better. The “cheat sheet” refers to the fact that marketers can see all of their content insights at a glance.

Putting Marketing Content to Good Use

Jake Athey, director of marketing at Madison, Wis.-based Widen pointed out that the release relates not just to the video or image management capabilities we normally associate with DAM, but applies to all digital content.

“This is for all assets including video, documents and even zip files. It shows scores for engagement, the number of downloads of given assets, the number of shares, the number of embeds,” he told CMSWire.

“It also tracks what we call the intended use. This is a drop-down menu where users can designate a list of properties that will be tracked for a given asset.”

What it means is that Quick Insights can potentially reveal what marketers want to know on a daily basis. This information enables marketers to plan, produce, promote and re-purpose more effective marketing content. 

“It informs future creation, promotion and distribution and archiving process. It identifies content that is performing exceptionally well so that you can re-create it,” Athey said.

“If it is not performing, you can identify why it is not hitting the mark, or whether it has the right metadata. It also indicates where and how content should be placed on websites.”

Learning Opportunities

The aim is to improve data-driven decisions on how to maintain websites or manage digital assets. 

DAM Quick Insights

The release includes three noteworthy functions which feed into data-driven decision making:

  • Insights Engagement Score: This scores assets according to their use and popularity. This is done with a single click and provides the most popular assets based on views, downloads, share link views and social media shares
  • Asset Trail: Once an asset is embedded on a website, marketers can see the total number of views and the referrer URLs from which the asset was viewed
  • Video Retention Tracker: Reveals how videos preform across digital channels by tracking viewing time and number of plays

Asked why it was introducing a “quick” insights product into the market, Athey explained that DAM has become a core tool for enterprises looking to improve their digital experiences.

“DAM has gone from a back office tool just in support of marketing operations to something that is more closely related to content and experiences. DAM is the hub for content experience, given that it provides a single source of truth on how content is being used for experience management, campaign management, CMS and web experience management,” Athey said.

It also offers the practical advantage of dispensing the need to have asset repositories for all the different customer facing applications in the enterprise like CRM, content marketing or web content management.