SpringCM, which provides document and content management software for Salesforce users, just released Track It for Deal Visibility, a mobile app which enables users to track and understand the status of sales documents.

What's the big deal? Think of the number of documents in your average enterprise repository and then try to work out how many of those documents are related to sales activity and the point in the sales process they apply to.

Track It follows each document and offers users insights into where sales processes are being held up.  The idea here is to avoid contract bottlenecks and to help accurately forecast when deals will close.

Track It works in conjunction with File It, a sales content management system for easily creating, storing, organizing, accessing and sharing documents from Salesforce objects like Accounts, Opportunities, Cases and more

It can be used in Salesforce or with any other CRM software, or directly within the SpringCM platform.

Recommind Upgrades Axcelerate Again

Last week Recommind announced it had upgraded its cloud-based Axcelerate e-discovery platform by adding Efficiency Scoring along with Axcelerate Cloud — an analytics offering that provides extensive visibility into the overall e-discovery review process.

This week it integrated Axcelerate with Office 365. It lets users create data in the Office 365 environment and export it into Axcelerate for visibility and insights into e-discovery strategies.

According to Recommind's 2015 Corporate Legal Survey, cloud-based discovery is rapidly growing within the legal industry, as 68 percent of respondents reported they're using at least one cloud solution and 84 percent stating they're open to implementing additional cloud solutions.

Notarize Remotely

Notarize, a new Boston-based start-up, just released of a new app that enables people in in the US to notarize their documents remotely.

The new app transforms the paper notarization system and places itself in a position to exploit a $30 billion potential market opportunity built on an estimated 1 billion documents notarized annually in the United States.

Learning Opportunities

Notarize's 24-hour, on-demand solution allows for easy, quick and verifiable services online, enabling consumers in all 50 states to have documents notarized via mobile phone.

The electronic notary service is provided to clients via an iOS application. The service functions like traditional notary, but takes place entirely online. Clients must verify their identity with a government issued photo ID, which Notarize authenticates using computer imaging technology and a software-based forensic analysis.

The company launches with $2.4 million in seed funding led by Polaris Partners, with participation from Ludlow Ventures and other individuals.

Alfresco Activiti E-Signatures

SIGNiX has partnered with Micro Strategies, a reseller of Alfresco to integrate e-signatures with Alfresco Activiti.

The integration means Activiti can now initiate business processes such as invoice payments and contract approval and automatically move them through an organization using digital workflow that is finalized with a secure, compliant independent e-signature application.

“Our integration with SIGNiX gives customers the software benefits of multiple vendors without the hassle of working through many different companies. There’s one bill to pay, one point of contact, one user interface and one unified strategy. It’s the easiest and most efficient way for our customers to deploy e-signatures and build a seamless system to keep their business processes moving,” said Adam Storch, Vice President Business Solutions at Micro Strategies said a statement.

Kodak Alaris Speeds Doc Capture

Kodak Alaris released a new line of scanners that are designed to speed-up the process of digitizing documents. Both Kodak i1190 and i1190E users can now scan 40 pages per minute.