Do-it-yourself automatic door

Your organization may have gone digital. But it also may operate manually in workflows.

That’s a problem.

“Some applications exist on-premises and some in the cloud,” Kelly Christensen, product marketing manager for Bellevue, Wash.-based Nintex, said in a May 19 CMSWire webinar. “It’s forcing us a step backwards. People are going back to manual processes. And business users are getting things done digitally but now through through some digitized manual process.”

We still email files. We still make phone calls. We still manually upload documents to places like Dropbox.

“And it’s all in an unstructured way,” Christensen said. "Last week I was asked to put a file into three different content storage providers by three people.”

'Workflow People'

Nintex officials demonstrated in the CMSWire webinar, “Connect People, Processes and Content in a Digital Workplace,” how the Nintex platform automates workflows in a hybrid environment. This helps, they said, avoid the manual-processing headaches. The Nintex Workflow platform for SharePoint and Office 365 allows users to send notifications, schedule tasks, record data, allocate resources and approve requests all in one platform from mobile, SharePoint, Office 365 and third-party environments.

The problems they solve?

“We are the workflow people,” Christensen said. “Everyone faces these challenges in an information-centric world. Over time this all stacks up, and as it continues to mount, you do not realize how much of your day it takes up. You’re dealing with ad-hoc processes without ever tying back into your own systems and you end up losing information and having to repeat steps. This extra stuff makes work seem like work.”

Nintex’s workflow platform allows you to be a workplace hero and inspire your co-workers, Christensen promised. It’s a hybrid process that “connects and extends distributed SharePoint deployments including Office 365” and can “connect people with content via mobile and forms-driven workflows. You can build governance-friendly content workflows that utilize popular web storage providers like Box, Dropbox and OneDrive.”

Data Analysis


Brad Orluk, technical evangelist for Nintex, demoed the workflows platform during the CMSWire webinar. He showed how Nintex users can connect disparate data repositories automatically through on premise, mobile and cloud environments.

Nintex mobile includes automatic caching on the app even when disconnected from the Internet. The platform also includes metrics and insights in its tasks and actions. In other words, you can tell how long someone takes to approve or complete a task. 

“It can give you a lot of metrics and insights into what’s happening” in your organization’s workflows, Orluk said.

Christensen said Nintex users include, among others, IT using the software for new user provisioning, finance for expense management, sales for RFI and RFP management and HR for onboarding.

“With hybrid workflows, you can avoid downtime while you're moving your business for critical processes and applications to the cloud,” Christensen said. “This is becoming more than a nice to have. It’s effectively a necessity now as organizations make more investment into cloud infrastructure.”

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