Toronto-based content intelligence platform Conscia announced a new partnership with Contentful, a content platform for digital-first business.

Announced on Tuesday, the launch coincides with Conscia's Unity app launch — which works to connect content from multiple Contentful spaces and other applications, providing a unified API response for frontends to consume.

Contentful acts as a content platform for digital-first businesses — working with thousands of brands, to create and manage digital experiences at any channel. Contentful works to unify content in a single content hub for use in any digital channel. Companies like Gucci, Plaid, Goodrx, Intercom, Notion, Staples and many others currently use Contentful's platform.

"We're proud to partner with Contentful to offer multi-space and multi-source content orchestration to its customers and are really excited to bring Unify to market," according to Sana Remekie, Conscia's Chief Executive Officer.

Conscia, on the other hand, is a knowledge graph with the ability to unify customer data and content from disparate systems through its data pipeline — with the goal of enriching, relating, tagging and classifying data - before distributing that data through APIs.

Learning Opportunities

Driving demand for new solutions to support digital opportunities with increasingly complex requirements, many of Contentful's customers are focusing on innovation and growth of their digital endeavors, the company said. Which, according to Contentful, means access to content across Contentful spaces and applications becomes increasingly critical for composing digital experiences in a growing number of channels.

Powered by Conscia, Unify sits on top of Contentful's multi-space architecture and according to the company, it's working to provide an intuitive, flexible, no-code and hi-performance way to assemble localized and personalized experiences for all channels, in an effort to accelerate the digital supply chain. Unify's ability to federate content into Contentful's global delivery infrastructure, capitalizes on Contentful's ability to deliver content globally to all digital channels, such as web, mobile, voice, chatbots, call centers and more.

According to Kevil Zellmer, Contentful's VP of partnerships, "Unify is very much in line with Contentful's vision of breaking down organizational silos and serving as a centralized content platform to power continuous and connected experiences across channels."