Mobile experience platform company Judo announced $3 million in seed funding last week, coming as the company says it sees growing demand for its platform in new markets.

Co-led by TenOne Ventures and Freestyle Capital, Judo sees the new funds as enabling it to expand its platform beyond current clients like the NFL, NBA and NHL. Previously, the workload from such clients served as a bootstrap on the company's ability to properly expand. Now with more flexibility, Judo sees itself as ready to deliver on the goal of empowering publishers to deliver fully native, in-app user experiences without app updates.

"Capital allows us to accelerate fulfilling our mission of making mobile app publishers more efficient and effective by enabling flexible deployment of new experiences," said Judo CEO and Founder John Coombs. "The Judo team and I are delighted to welcome TenOneTen and Freestyle Capital as investors. As real operators they appreciated the challenges we had in scaling a tech platform business one customer at a time."

According to Judo, the company's no-code, server-driven UI technology supports user experiences at scale without updates - able to help clients save between 20 and 80 hours of development time.

With more recent clients ranging from sports gambling to consumer fintech and retail companies, Judo has worked to advance its presence in working with major American sports leagues. Last week's announcement of $3 million in new funding looks to fast-track that move toward expansion.

Learning Opportunities

"John and the Judo team have built a technical, differentiated product platform and a profitable SaaS business without outside capital," said David Waxman, managing partner TenOneTen. "This impressive feat speaks to the quality of the team and to the enormous opportunity in front of them."

Since its founding, Judo has worked with brands to deliver "rich native user experiences in mobile apps." Standing by its commitment to save customers between 20 and 80 hours of development time, the company sees its no-code development environment along with the avoidance of updates as central reasons to the company's success.

Moving forward, Judo looks to pursue new verticals as it works to provide clients with the tools to create no-code apps to promote onboarding, branded content and sponsorships, user conversion flows, event-based content and more.

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