OpenText, a business information management solutions provider, announced Cloud Editions 22.1 on March 2, which contains new and extended functionality for managing documents and utilizing information for digital business changes. It will allow organizations to oversee vast amounts of data in the cloud and use it to improve customer, partner and employee experiences.

OpenText has also introduced new capabilities across all five Cloud Editions software suites, with the most notable being tools that target information-driven business transformations and supply chain robustness.

The platform's Supplier Portal, which exists inside the Business Network Cloud, provides a seamless, easy and secure way to access information — from product research and design to purchasing and distribution.

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Who Benefits From Cloud Edition 22.1?

Fred Sass, Senior Director, Product Marketing at OpenText, told CMSWire that IT departments that maintain systems, including the end-user employees of that software, will benefit from the new Content Cloud functionalities. 

Content Cloud can also:

  • Assist HR and procurement departments in initiating signature approvals from the Core Content repository, saving time and improving governance
  • Allow MS-Teams users, a rapidly expanding market sector, to take advantage of enhanced Extended ECM and MS-Teams integration
  • Aid remote employees in areas like sales and field operations with the Core Share Mobile features expansion

The Supplier Portal, on the other hand, which is nestled within the Business Network Cloud, is ideal for two key personas:

Learning Opportunities

  • The Chief Procurement Officer, allowing them to increase the resiliency of the supply chain by automating connections to value chain participants for collaboration, accelerating partner onboarding and minimaxing disruption from supplier changes
  • The Chief Information Security Officer, allowing them to use drop-in solutions to prevent illegal access to corporate systems and comply with enterprise security standards, third-party regulations and in-house goals

2021 Was a Good Year — What Will 2022 Bring?

Before OpenText's March 2 announcement, its previous most comprehensive product release was Cloud Editions 21.4 in 2021. 

“With Cloud Editions 21.4 we are delivering more powerful applications and deeper integrations with leading business applications so customers can unify, govern and leverage information to drive these transformations,” stated Mark Barrenechea, OpenText CEO and CTO, in a November 2021 press release

Innovations presented in the 21.4 iteration were designed to alleviate workplace and supply chain friction. In addition to Salesforce and Microsoft Teams interfaces, Core Content functionality aimed to increase sales, support productivity and compliance, as well as connect content-centric business processes to collaborative capabilities.

Within that November 2021 press release, company officials announced the release of: 

  • Content Cloud

  • Business Network Cloud

  • Experience Cloud

  • Security & Protection Cloud

  • Developer Cloud

Today, OpenText's agile platform supports more than 3,000 private customers, 11 million public subscribers and 1 million trading partners. With a strategy aimed at tackling current supply chain challenges through remote real-time solutions, it's poised to continue its growth into 2022. 

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