Zoom Video Communications, Inc. has announced that its latest feature known as Zoom Events, an all-in-one platform, will be available this summer. Zoom Events will combine the experience and scalability of Zoom meetings, chat, and video webinars into one comprehensive solution for event organizers, aimed at providing the ability to produce ticketed, live events for internal or external audiences of any size.

Zoom Events offers something for a variety of use cases — from enabling large businesses to manage and host internal events like all-hands and sales summits and external events like user conferences. Smaller businesses and entrepreneurs have been using OnZoom to create, host, and monetize events including fitness and cooking classes, theatrical presentations, and more. As part of the launch of Zoom Events, OnZoom, currently in Beta, will be rebranded and folded into Zoom Events, and can be either private, or searched and explored publicly.

“Zoom’s recent global study, How Virtual Do We Want Our Future to Be?, surveyed people worldwide on the role of video communications in our daily lives as we look beyond the pandemic. In the US, 80 percent of respondents agreed that everything will continue to have a virtual element post-pandemic, with 52 percent of US respondents planning to enjoy events both in-person and virtually, reinforcing the need for an all-in-one solution that will create seamless hybrid/virtual event experiences,” according to the press release.

Learning Opportunities

Zoom Events Platform Benefits include:

  • The ability to build an event hub to easily manage and share events
  • Customizable ticketing and registration
  • Customers can control access and billing from one portal
  • Host capabilities for a variety of events — free or paid, one-time or series
  • Bringing attendees together with integrated networking
  • Tracking event statistics like attendance, registration, revenue, and more
  • Events can be kept private or posted to Zoom’s public directory for others to discover
  • Zoom Events can be used with an existing paid Zoom Meetings or Video Webinar license

“It’s an exciting time to be at Zoom where the pace of innovation continues to accelerate,” said Oded Gal, chief product officer at Zoom in a press statement. “We know that people are looking for flexibility in how they attend events in the future. The hybrid model is here to stay, and Zoom Events is a perfect solution for our customers who are looking to produce and host customer, company, and public events with an easy, yet powerful solution. This is another way we’re helping customers scale to meet consumer demands and the evolving virtual and hybrid landscape.”

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