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So a few weeks ago I talked about the Windows Phone 10 preview, and mentioned there were a few things about it I didn't like.

I like the Windows Phone. I'm one of like seven people in the country that have a Windows Phone. But the Windows Phone 10 preview had some things that I really didn't really like.

So I talked about them and the Internet went wild. The article generated a bunch of terrible comments. I've never been so hated on the Internet in my life, as far as I know.

If you guys have hated me all these years, you've done a tremendous job keeping it from me.

Let Me Be Perfectly Clear

I don't hate Windows Phone. I just didn't like little pieces of Windows Phone 10 preview.

So I was very happy to learn last week that if you've got everything updated on the Windows Phone — if you've got the latest Windows Phone 10 build — you can now have individual inboxes.

That was the big thing I didn't like before, the reason I rolled back to version 8.1. I've got like five or six email accounts on my phone and I've got different things set up. And not being able to have separate tiles for each of inbox stunk.

So I've got Windows 10 on this Lumia 635 now. It's a preview of course. I wouldn't want to run it on my daily driver, unless the folks on the Internet get mad and yell at me.

My regular Windows Phone is running 8.1, but this Lumia 635 is running Windows 10. You can see what Windows 10 looks like. If you are watching the podcast, you can also see that today is my mom's birthday. So Happy Birthday Mom!

I won't say how old she is. Women hate that. But today's my mom's birthday. Let's leave it at that.

What's the Big Deal?

If you look at the screen, at the bottom, you can see I have individual inboxes for my two Gmail accounts. So you can now pin individual inboxes and its pretty simple to do.

It's kind of the way we all assumed it would be when it finally showed up. If you go into Outlook, and you go into your accounts, you hit the little hamburger and you go into your accounts. You just tap and hold the one you want to pin to the start thing.

Right now — and I don't know if this is a bug or whatever — but when you tap and hold it doesn't give you any kind of indication that you're tapping and holding. But when you let up, the contacts thing pops up. And then you've got account settings and, well unpin for start because I've got it pinned, so that is good for now.

And I just want to be sure that the story gets told correctly.

I take full credit for this being in this build of Windows Phone 10. This was not in there,

But I yelled. I got a bunch of attention on the Internet. Now it's in here. I think we all know how that happened.

Not Perfect Yet

Now it's not finished yet. For one, the tiles are not live like they are in Windows 8.1.

And so I'm looking forward to that. I like the live tiles that tell you how many emails that have shown up since you checked last.

The other thing you can't do that you can do in 8.1 is join inboxes. So on my regular daily driver here  — let me see if I can show it easily, without showing anything that I shouldn't show — so if you look here on the top right corner you will see linked inbox.

So that's multiple email inboxes. You can't do that yet on 10.1.

I'm getting a bunch of text messages. My phone is just blowing up. I don't know if you guys appreciate me taking time away from all these texts that I'm getting.

So that's good, with the Windows 10 mobile is coming along. It's good stuff.

Another Great Thing

So another great thing that came in one of the recent Windows 10 updates, and this is something that has frustrated me all the time: So I've got Windows Phone 8.1.

In the action bar, there at the top, you've got buttons for Bluetooth and buttons for Wi-Fi. In 8.1, if you tap the Bluetooth tile, what does it do? It toggles Bluetooth on and off.

All right, that makes sense. But if you tap Wi-Fi, what does it do? It takes you to the Wi-Fi settings.

The inconsistency has always bothered me because it's the same kind of thing. They're both wireless things and you tap one and it's a toggle for on and off, you tap the other and it takes you to the settings where you have to screw around and do the on and off thing.

Now I get why that is.

Because I fiddle with my Wi-Fi settings more frequently than I fiddle with my Bluetooth settings because every time I show up to a new place I'm adding myself to their Wi-Fi or whatever. But I could never remember which one is which.

So if I was trying to go to my Bluetooth settings, I'd be like is this the one that I tap or is this the one that I have to go to settings and then Bluetooth? I could never remember.

So in Windows Phone 10, with the latest build, they have fixed that, sort of.

With this build, we've got the same tiles up in the action center, and I'm just going to show off the expanded action center right there. If you tap Bluetooth, Bluetooth shuts off. Good. Good. And if you tap Wi-Fi, Wi-Fi shuts off. Excellent.

They're the same. That's great. Now I don't have to remember which one's which because they act exactly the same.

But then there's a downside. I go into my Wi-Fi settings a lot. Formerly, after six or seven taps, I would tap that Wi-Fi thing, and that's how I would join new access points. So now what do I do?

Well they've added a genius thing now. You tap and hold. So I've turned Wi-Fi back on, but now if I tap and hold, it takes me to my settings.

And, not to be outdone, they did the same thing with Bluetooth. So if you tap and hold Bluetooth, it also takes you to your settings.

So this is great stuff, and this is how it should have been.

I'm glad they finally buttoned that all up. Because you know, I'm always connecting to Bluetooth speakers with my band and all that kind of stuff.

And There's More

Ok, we've still got some more stuff for you this week in Podcast 251. So if you're tired of reading, watch the podcast or listen on iTunes. The time stamps will link to the location of the content.

  • 15:04 Azure AD Connect is generally available You can have it, you can download it.
  • 23:05 Windows 10 build 10158 is out The first thing: they added the option for a home button in Edge. Hallelujah! Edge is Microsoft's new browser, which used to be called Project Spartan. You can also send email through Cortana, which I could have used that when I hurt my wrist
  • 27:25 An early look at Cortana integration with Office 365 One of the new things that they added in Windows 10 to this latest build is Cortana Integration with Office 365. Now if you're on your phone and you've got Cortana, Cortana can tell you about upcoming meetings and things like that.
  • 32:03 New HDMI stick computer I've talked on this show a bunch of times about my little buddy here, Wormy. Wormy is a PC on a stick. This has the same innards as the old one and two full sized USB ports
  • 36:42 Windows RT will get an update, not Windows 10 There will be no Windows 10 for RT. But what they have said and they reiterated this week was that there will be a patch for Windows RT 8.1 that will bring some Windows 10 functionality to it.

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