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For the first time in my long nerd life, I’ve been attacked on the Internet. It's been kind of crazy, and I feel compelled to set the record straight.

A few weeks ago I shared some thoughts in a provocatively titled article, “Is It Time to Lose Your Windows Phone?” Now that’s also very ironic because this very evening in my hotel room, which is all of about 400 square feet, I actually did lose my Windows phone. But that’s beside the point. That’s not what the story was about. 

The story focused on the Windows 10 phone preview and my dislike for it. And it really raised a bunch of people’s hackles – whatever a hackle is. There were a bunch of comments – 50 some comments. 

You Talkin' to Me?

So I thought I would address some of them — Things like, “Who gave this guy a computer? This guy’s an idiot.” It cracked me up. It was just funny.

Anyway, it was hysterical all the flaming that I got. But I did want to give a little feedback because I got accused of a lot of things.

I was accused of being a hater because, you know, a hater’s going to hate and I was hating on Windows Phone. I was accused of having a bias against Microsoft. I was accused of being responsible for the Chicago fire. I assure you none of these are true despite the fact that it appears that Chicago – their NBA team, the Chicago Bulls, are going to steal the head coach from the Iowa State Cyclones, Fred Hoiberg. 

So now I’m a little upset about Chicago but anyway … First off, I’m not a hater of Microsoft. I’m not a hater of the Windows phone. I don’t have a bias against Microsoft.

My entire professional career has been based on supporting Microsoft products. I would not have a roof above my head.

I’d have calluses on my hands if it weren’t for Microsoft. I got my (Microsoft Certified Solutions Expert) MCSE in 1996. That’s how long I’ve been doing this, nearly 20 years. 

I’ve been a SharePoint MVP for nine years running now. As an MVP, what do I do? I go out and I tell people how great Microsoft stuff is. That’s what I’ve been doing. 

I <3 Microsoft

And Microsoft has been rewarding me for it for nine years now. I’m not anti-Microsoft.

If Bill Gates offered to let me wash all of his cars once a week for the rest of his life, I would probably do it. That’s how much I like Microsoft. 

Steve Ballmer? Hmm … once a month, maybe. But for Gates — for sure, once a week — every car he’s got. 

I love Microsoft stuff. I’m not a Microsoft hater. Not even close. 

So those folks that went in thinking I was that guy, I’m not that guy. 

I’m really not that guy. And I’m also not the guy that likes to cause a bunch of drama on the Internet. So it was funny seeing all those comments because it just clearly was not even close to who I really am.

So to recap, what I said was that I loaded the new Windows Phone 10 preview. I didn’t like it. I didn’t like it a lot. And I immediately put Windows Phone 8 back on my daily driver – my Lumia 830. And that’s how it is. 

I think that was fair. And I talked about a few things I didn’t like. One of the things that I didn’t like and kind of the big thing was that you couldn't have individual tiles for individual inboxes or accounts in Windows Phone 10 like you can in Windows Phone 8 and, for me, that’s how I triage my mail. 

That’s how I keep my stuff separate. I’ve got a work email tile, a home email tile, I’ve got another tile that combines a bunch of my Gmail and MSN stuff, and that’s just how I work. 

It's Not You, It's Me

I get that not everybody works the same way. I don’t fall for that thing that I think my experience is universal. 

That’s why I didn’t just say this sucks. That’s why I said, “Here’s the thing that I didn’t like about it.” 

If you don’t use your email that way, that’s good. Then this isn’t going to be a problem for you and I have no problems with that. 

I’m also not the guy that cares if you like something I don’t like. It doesn’t bother me at all, but those are kind of the things I talked about. 

Ah, Duh

So one of the things that came up a lot in those comments was, “Didn’t you know this was a preview,” or, “What did you expect? This is a preview,” or, “This software isn’t finished. I can’t believe you’re saying all these things.” 

Of course I knew it was a preview. I said the word preview. The whole thing was based on it being a preview. I’ve been beta testing Microsoft software since NT4, again, nearly 20 years. 

I get that it’s a beta. I get that it’s not done but let’s be honest with ourselves. Not all betas are created equal. 

When Windows Phone 8.1, the previews for developers came out, I ran that all the time. I know previews. I understand them, but that’s the thing. The system didn’t fail. I put the preview on. It wasn’t going to work for me. 

And so I took it off and that’s fine. That’s exactly how it’s supposed to work. But, more importantly, I put the preview on, I looked at it and I provided feedback. That’s the whole purpose of the preview. 

I provided them feedback in the Windows Insider thing on the phone and I also told you folks about it so, if you felt strongly and agreed with me, you could provide feedback as well.

Very Un-Appy

I also whined a little about the app gap, and a lot of people were like, “There is no app gap. You never need those apps anyway. You load all the stuff and you never use them.” 

I know what I’m missing. I moved from Android two years ago. I know there’s a whole list of apps that I can’t run anymore that I used to be able to run on Android. So, I mean, it’s not like I’m upset because there’s not enough fart apps on my Windows Phone. 

There’s a list of legitimate things that I would be using if I had them on my phone, for instance, my credit union. There’s an app for Android. There’s none for Windows phone. 

There are all kinds of stuff like that – the examples I gave last week about being in London and all the different tourist attractions. I’m not just a guy that hammers on the app gap mindlessly. It’s a legitimate thing. 

I actually can name the apps that I would miss. But, that being said, all that being said and all that about me making fun of the folks on the Internet, I do welcome the feedback. 

I had a couple of conversations with folks on Twitter who were so enraged when they read that article that they just didn’t want to leave a comment. They wanted to hit me up on Twitter. 

One guy said that he was ashamed – ashamed – that I’m from the same city that he was because he went to college in Ames, Iowa and he’s ashamed to be from the same city as me. Holy cow!

But anyway, I do welcome the feedback because, again, I don’t get too wrapped up in it. It was kind of funny.

I did cry myself to sleep a little bit for the first couple of nights but I don’t mind. I mean, you know, it’s how it goes.

So (Finally) Moving On

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