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  • How AI is Transforming Copywriting

    How AI is Transforming Copywriting

    Is artificial intelligence changing the art of copywriting? We explore the topic and the tools we can look to in 2019 to help improve marketing and sales copy.

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  • Poll: Web Designers Out-Write Copywriters 2-to-1

    Website owners write the vast majority of copy on the Web, and designers out-write copywriters two-to-one, according to a recent online poll conducted by Webcopyplus.A total of 215 website owners were asked: Who typically writes your web copy? The results follow: # I do it myself 74.9% (161) # Web designer 12.

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  • Web Publishing: Good Traffic; Bad Traffic

    Businesses are starting to recognize it’s not the volume of online traffic, but the quality that counts. Good traffic comprises relevant visitors who are likely to fulfill a desired action on your website, whether it’s to make a purchase, e-mail or call, subscribe to a newsletter or what have you.

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